Running Club News w/b 23/11

Firstly, a big thank you to all the support and wishes people have sent following my injury. A massive thank you to Sharon who co-ordinated Mondays running club again this week. I shall be there each week from now, although I wont be able to run with you for a good few months yet.

Sharons report from Monday – Everyone really worked as a Team, even encouraging each other before the run. Pete and Sandy ran exceptionally fast; Charles encouraged Dawn although they did manage to cut off a little of the route and Carl ran with Gemma who introduced herself to the group and they both completed the route in a good time. Dawn, as ever, was really smiling at the end of the route; I think she enjoyed Charles’ encouragement.

Pete 3.5 miles 28:00 08:00
Sandy 3.5 miles 28:43 08:12
Charles 3.1 miles 35:38 11:14
Dawn 3.1 miles 35:38 11:14
Carl 3.5 miles 36:00 10:17
Gemma 3.5 miles 36:00 10:17

It was Gemma’s first run with the club and she informed us that she has run the GSR in a time of 01:47:00 so we knew she is no newbie to running! She has recently had a baby so is now back to running. We all really welcomed her … I even gave her my fluorescent jacket to keep her safe!! we look forward to running with her again. Well I hope I can if my knee improves.

Well done to all, same routes next Monday


Fridays Report (Mark) –

A great turn out this morning in Warsash. They managed to miss the drizzle again too as set off on the new routes. It was great to see Greg back running again today following his ankle injury, and he did extremely well completing the 4.4mile route non-stop. His foot was fine but it may take a few weeks to return to the pace he was before, especially after setting off so quick. Greg had initially tried to keep with Mandy and Leigh-Anne. The pair of them were busy nattering round the course oblivious to how fast they were running. When they finished the had an average of just 10m 34s per mile – a Personal Best with the club for Mandy, well done ladies!!

Charlotte followed up her PB two weeks ago with another fantastic run. She had managed to get out mid-week on her own which makes a big difference. She smashed her PB today by 16 seconds per mile. Well done Charlotte!!

Undertaking the longer 5.4miles this morning were Jo and Sue. The pair of them had a great run finishing just over 9mins per mile!!

Well done team! Same routes next week

Name 27/11/2015 Speed
Sue 5.40 00:49:20 00:09:08
Jo F 5.40 00:49:20 00:09:08
Greg 4.40 00:48:10 00:10:57
Charlotte 4.40 00:49:25 00:11:14
Leigh-Ann 4.40 00:46:30 00:10:34
Mandy 4.40 00:46:30 00:10:34

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