Running Club News 6/2/12

A record turn out for the Warsash Running Club this evening! Even the cold conditions didn’t put people off as we had 7 new people start this evening with the Monday group. A big warm welcome to all 7 of you who all did amazing this evening. Firstly, Sues graduated up from the Thursday Morning group and excelled again today with an extremely fast 5.9miles in an average of just 8m 34s per mile, then she cycled home – now that’s dedication!! A huge well done also to newcomers Jacqui, Rachel, Jo and Louise who all managed to complete their first run without stopping, the 2.3mile circuit was tough as well with several hills, so a big well done to you all. Barbara and Charles motivated each other round the course in an excellent time for their first run, well done! We also welcomed back Fiona who put in a great lap this evening, her first since last March with the running club. Her 1st mile was her record lap time as well until a slight strain in her legs slowed her down, but I am sure she will be back to improve on her PB next week!

There were a few Personal Bests achieved this evening. Alan has been getting faster and faster in recent weeks and tonight showed what he could do with a record 9m42s per mile. Mike has been in training to try and beat Sandy now for weeks! He finally beat him tonight as Sandy was away, but he did also achieve his Personal Best average speed with a fantastic 8m 17s average, well done Mike!! Well done also to Kathy who must be getting round the netball courts much quicker these days as her PB has improved greatly since she started with the running club, tonight she made a new Personal Best of just 12m27s per mile, awesome!!  Finally, Angela has been the longest serving member of the running club and focuses very much on the HAVE FUN! element of NLT! however in recent weeks it has all clicked together and her running performances are taking a new shape and direction. Tonight she beat the 11min per mile demon!! and will no doubt just get faster and faster now!

Thank you to all the runners this evening. There were a lot of you, so apologies if you didn’t get a mention. You can check out your times and speeds below and come back next week to do the same route for a Personal Best time.

Name Distance Time 1 Speed
Sues 4.9 00:42:00 00:08:34
Alistair 4.9 00:41:50 00:08:32
Alan 4.9 00:47:31 00:09:42
Mike 4.9 00:40:37 00:08:17
Pete 4.9 00:41:44 00:08:31
Annie T 2.9 00:27:31 00:09:29
Emma T 2.9 00:28:58 00:09:59
Kyle 4.9 00:41:47 00:08:32
Donna 2.9 00:29:40 00:10:14
Rachel 2.3 00:27:25 00:11:55
Lucy 2.9 00:27:44 00:09:34
Liam 2.9 00:33:50 00:11:40
Pam 2.3 00:32:11 00:14:00
Jacqui 2.3 00:27:35 00:12:00
Barbara 2.3 00:30:25 00:13:13
Charles 2.3 00:30:20 00:13:11
Tori 4.9 00:47:40 00:09:44
Angela 2.9 00:31:46 00:10:57
Sharon 2.9 00:29:50 00:10:17
Morgan 2.3 00:31:03 00:13:30
Fiona 2.3 00:33:50 00:14:43
Kathy 2.3 00:28:38 00:12:27
Jo 2.3 00:32:24 00:14:05
Nick 2.9 0:29:11 00:10:04
Louisa 2.3 00:32:16 00:14:02
Ann 4.9 00:40:40 00:08:18



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