Running Club News 29/12/14

The last run in 2014 was certainly one of the coldest. It was a good turn out though as everyone was feeling guilty after over-indulging at Xmas. So given the choice of 4.2m or 5.3 I imagined most would go for the longer route…not the case!! However, with Sat Nav absent this evening it was down to Greg to go off track. He didn’t just go off the route a little though, he ended up doing a 10k run (6.4miles) a whole extra mile than planned!! What was most impressive though was his 64m 57s time. This 10m 09s average was the fastest 10k Greg has ever run, it beats the 10m24s average at Eastleigh and the 10m 30s average at the Victory this year!! Although not planned – Very well done Greg!!

Also achieving some speed this evening was Mike. Mike is approaching his anniversary with us. His 1st run in January this year averaged 7m59s, we were all very impressed at the time. This evening his 6m 44s wasn’t even a PB! awesome! And certainly contender for improvement of the year!

Nick was back running and after a slight pull in his calf last week he did really well to get round the 5.3m route in a pleasing average of just 8mins per mile! Sharon also had a great run, her 9m 23s was also a great average for the longer route. Well done Sharon. Charles and Georgina also had great runs round this evening, the two of them finishing at 10mins per mile. Alistair had the job of carrying the overweight PT round this evening (too many mince pies for me I reckon), a really good final mile gave Alistair a 30 second finish ahead of me this evening and a good average of just over 9mins per mile. Well done Ali, and thanks for dragging me round!

Same routes and same start point next week with the trusty leader, Bruce

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Name 29/12/2014 Speed
Nick C 5.35 00:42:47 00:08:00
Mark 4.15 00:38:15 00:09:13
Mike Y 5.35 00:35:59 00:06:44
Charles 4.15 00:41:32 00:10:00
Alistair 4.15 00:37:45 00:09:06
Greg 6.40 01:04:57 00:10:09
Sharon 5.35 00:50:12 00:09:23
Georgina 4.15 00:41:22 00:09:58



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