Running Club News 23/6/14

It was the last chance for a good time on this route before we change tact next week. The weather was a problem though. It was extremely hot with temperatures hitting 30C earlier in the day. This made it tough to put in any fast times. Mike did have a good try though as he matched the course record finishing the 4.4miles in just 30m 17s exactly the same as his time two weeks ago!

Although it was the same route as the last 2 weeks we did have a few people go off-track a little. At first I put it down to the heat, but on closer inspection I think it is more likely to be hereditory factors – “Sat Nav” was working this evening so couldnt run, but his daughter must have the same in built satellite system!! Maggie went off route and added nearly an extra mile to the course. This was very impressive in the heat, more impressive was the fact Greg and Tom followed her! The three of them will certainly benefit from the longer route in the heat. Maybe they were hedging a bet on next weeks course and trying to get ahead of the rest, but next week will be a special week as we undertake a handicap run – out and back! Come along to find out what thats all about!

Pete had a good run this evening as he recovers from his knee injury. His 9m 17s per mile kept him ahead of the pack. Then the runners all seemed to come in close together, led by Sandy, who had his 2nd best run since August 2013!! He was closely followed by a group of Jo, Juliette, Sue and Alistair, all of whom finished within 30seconds of each other. Their times were all just a little slower than last week but not surprising given the weather!

Well done to all the runners this evening. We are trying something different next week which will appeal to all abilities. Come along and give it a try!!

Name 23/06/2014 Speed
Sandy S 4.40 00:41:30 00:09:26
Pete 4.40 00:40:37 00:09:14
Mike Y 4.40 00:30:17 00:06:53
Sue 4.40 00:41:49 00:09:30
Jo F 4.40 00:41:41 00:09:28
Maggie 5.50 00:53:17 00:09:41
Alistair 4.40 00:41:59 00:09:32
Greg 5.00 00:49:49 00:09:58
Tom 5.50 00:53:17 00:09:41
Julliette 4.4 00:41:55 00:09:32

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