Running Club News 2/7/18

Monday July 2nd 2018

It was the hottest day of the year, 30C +. And with the weather set to stay for at least another two weeks the decision was made to run the river route. A course that you have to slow down for due to the undulating ground but a course with a cool breeze throughout. As you can see from the distances below not everyone managed to follow the correct course, however this was probably a failing on my count as I forgot to mention the route finishes past the Rising Sun Pub and up Shore Road ( a few people took the shorter route back to ENJOY!)

We weren’t 100% confident on the tide times, so it was encouraged that everyone completed the 4.5mile route as a minimum. Nina and Cat did fantastic, completing the route in 12mins per mile, great result in the conditions, and as Cat had completed 6miles at the weekend, the furthest she has ever run!! Jo ran on her own and got a bit flustered with the heat, even her running trackers were effected by the sun as they refused to work. Jo did finish the run though, with a few detours, and in a good time too, well done Jo! Carl did the same route, the heat really playing a part in slowing down the pace today, he did finish with a very respectable 9m 26s per mile though.

Leyon was back for his first run in ages. He partnered up with Nick and they flew round the course in 9mins per mile, including a fast sprint finish up the hill!! They had undertaken the longer route, which had been expected to be 5.2miles, but was evidently a lot shorter as Owen and Karen also registered just 4.7 on this route. They flew round too, with Owen finishing in under eight and a half minutes per mile. Excellent time on such a tough course.

Well done to all the runners, same routes next week!!

Name 03/07/2018 Speed
Nick C 4.70 42:24.0 09:01.3
Mark 4.50 42:29.0 09:26.4
Jo F 4.30 44:10.0 10:16.3
Carl 4.50 42:29.0 09:26.4
Nina 4.50 56:00.0 12:26.7
Leyon 4.70 42:24.0 09:01.3
Cat 4.50 56:00.0 12:26.7
Karen 4.70 40:15.0 08:33.8
Owen 4.70 39:39.0 08:26.2




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