Running Club News 18/8/14

Today’s session marked the start of the 10 week plan towards the Great South Run. You can see the plan at Great South Run Prep 2014. For the first 3 weeks of the plan we are focused on Fitness levels and particular raising the lactate threshold to allow the runners to run further at a faster speed. To do this we included several hills in to the planned route. The idea is for the runners to push themselves as hard as they can up the hills and then use the following downhill phase as a running recovery, so slowing down and allowing you to catch your breath. This training isn’t designed produce any quick times but will assist massively with the GSR preparation. The 2nd block of 3 runs will focus more on speed with a flatter route that the runners can blast! Then the final 3 runs, plus the 10 mile route at Lee-on-Solent will be putting it all together.

For this evenings run it was great to see so many people come back to the club to start preparing for the GSR. Everyone here this evening except 1 has registered for the Great South. But it is not too late, if you are thinking of running it yourself book on-line now and join us on Mondays to ensure you are in the peak of fitness for the event.

It was a big welcome back to Sharon this evening. She has entered the Great South with her friend Kat, who was new to the Warsash Running Club. Both did extremely well. Kat finishing the route in just over 10mins per mile, a fantastic achievement for her first outing. Sharon herself had a great run finishing in style with a 9m 50s average.

As stated it is a tough route with the emphasis on fitness, however we had two PBs this evening as the runners really did push themselves hard. Firstly Mike, clearly liking the hills, achieved a new Personal Best with a 6m46s average, that is really quick and I imagine that is only going to get quicker over the next 2 weeks. Also achieving her PB with the club was Jo, it was her first run back since her holiday and having shifted 3 tonnes of concrete the day before I think she was using her aggression to get herself round. It worked as she finished in a fantastic 9m 06s per mile, closing in now on the sub 9min per mile threshold. She finished just behind her mum, Sue, who was only just outside her PB with 9m 03s, her fastest run since May!

It was also great to see Nick C back at the running club. His knee is much stronger these days but he hasn’t done many runs over 5k recently so this was a good test for him. A test he passed with flying colours has his 8m 13s per mile shows! Alistair really enjoyed this evenings course, he completed it non-stop and really pushed himself on the hills, his fitness levels are a huge improvement on this time last year and we could see him smashing last years time on the GSR! The same could be said for Greg, not a big fan of the hills, but he persevered and his time of under 10mins per mile shows he too is making great progress. Charles also had a great run, and having attended the Friday running club alongside Greg, the extra session will certainly pay off. Friday Running Club is back on for the next 10 weeks for people to get an extra run in. 9.15am at the Rec.

Well done to all the runners this evening, you all worked really hard and will certainly get the benefit.

As discussed, so far I have 5 booked on the Victory 10k in Portsmouth on the 14th September. I have just booked myself on today so there are still places available. click here to book –


Name 18/08/2014 Speed
Mark 5.40 00:44:25 00:08:14
Mike Y 5.40 00:36:32 00:06:46
Sue 5.40 00:48:52 00:09:03
Jo F 5.40 00:49:10 00:09:06
Charles 5.40 00:51:58 00:09:37
Alistair 5.40 00:49:58 00:09:15
Greg 5.40 00:53:41 00:09:56
Cat 5.40 00:54:36 00:10:07
Nick C 5.40 00:44:24 00:08:13
Sharon 5.40 00:53:08 00:09:50





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