Running Club News 18/2/13

Welcome back to the Running Club News after a few weeks break while we did some maintenance on the website.

This week was the first week of the cycle of 3 runs. This is so people can measure their improvements while undertaking the same route for three consecutive weeks. The fastest two will need to go some to beat this weeks record breaking times though as Kyle and Jack raced each other round the 4.8mile route in a Club record average speed of around 6m 25s per mile. In the two years of the running club this was the fastest ever average and will take some beating!!

The longer route was tough as well with a couple of steep hills in preparation for the Marwell 10k in a few weeks. The hills didn’t trouble Pete either as he flew round in a quick average of under 8 mins per mile. On the shorter 3.6 mile route Sandy was close to beating his Personal Best. Ali and Kate were also very close to their Personal Bests and so I expect them to beat their own records at next weeks run. Charles has found a consistent running speed for the last 3 weeks now at a very quick sub 10 min mile! It was also good to see Mike and Rhys back at the running club and both had superb runs!!

Same routes next week team. Don’t forget to register for the Marwell 10k asap as the places are filling very quickly –

Name 18/02/2012 Time 1 Speed
Mark                  4.00 00:36:24 00:09:06
Sandy S                  3.60 00:31:30 00:08:45
Pete                  4.80 00:37:53 00:07:54
Kyle                  4.80 00:30:30 00:06:21
Mike                  3.60 00:35:35 00:09:53
Rhys                  4.00 00:36:24 00:09:06
Jack                  4.80 00:30:50 00:06:25
Kate                  3.60 00:38:13 00:10:37
Charles                  3.60 00:35:35 00:09:53
Ali                  3.60 00:38:13 00:10:37



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