Running Club News 16/10/17

I have a lot of catching up to do with the Running Blog this evening. Apologies it has fallen behind, it has been a busy time in preparation for this years main event – The Great South Run. It still holds fond memories for me as this is how the business all started 7 years ago. This year, once again, we will have a good turn out from New Life Training with 21 running the event. Thank you all for your on-going support. All those running should now have received an email from me with the itinerary for the day. If you haven’t please message me and I will forward it on. Quick reminder that there is no Running Club this Friday, but there will be a circuit next Monday !!

Friday 6th October

Just the two runners this morning as many were saving themselves for the Sunday 10mile hike around Lee-on-Solent. Greg was off like a rocket, even though he was doing Sundays run. He put another 5miles in the legs and even though he took a wrong turn out of Admirals Road, he assured me he wont get lost on Sunday! Also joining the running club this morning was Louise. She hasn’t run for 15 years, but did amazing this morning completing the 1.9mile route in just 22minutes with a little run-walk. Welcome to the running club Louise, I hope you will come back soon.

Monday 9th October

I was unable to attend this evening, so a massive big thank you to Carl who took the reigns and coordinated this evenings event.

Here are the results –

Carl 6.6 50:59
Nina 3.8 45:42
Sarah 6.6 55:05
Lydia 3.8 40:47
Sharon 3.8 40:47
Hutch 6.6 1:04:12
Kat 2.4 34:20
Celia 2.4 34:20

Friday 13th October

Even though it was Friday the 13th we still had a few runners turn up

It was perfect conditions for GSR Prep today, drizzle and a strong head wind for the last mile. It wasn’t quite a storm but Lisa definitely had a storming run. Finishing the 5.1miles strongly and just 1 second per mile outside her PB split time. She is certainly peeking at the right time and should storm the GSR!! Jo also had a strong run, hitting an average of 10 mins per mile, awesome!!

Monday 16th October

I told those doing the GSR to have a steady run this evening and no more than 5miles. Everyone took the advice. Although Cat and Celia aren’t doing this years GSR and they bombed their routes this evening to smash 2 PBs in one night!!! In a fantastic performance the girls ran the furthest ever, completing the 2.4miles non-stop and to top that they did it in a record time too. They have now set a new PB split time of just 12m42s per mile. Well done Ladies – Awesome!!

For everyone else it was a case of just relaxing through the miles in what will probably be, for most, the last run before Sundays main event. Well done to all the runners this evening. Rest now for Sunday!!

Name 16/10/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.10 43:37.0 08:33.1
Mark 3.80 36:55.0 09:42.9
Jo F 5.10 51:10.0 10:02.0
Charles 3.80 36:54.0 09:42.6
Carl 5.10 40:51.0 08:00.6
Nina 3.80 40:14.0 10:35.3
Sharon 3.80 40:14.0 10:35.3
Lydia 3.80 40:14.0 10:35.3
Lisa 3.80 36:49.0 09:41.3
Celia 2.40 30:31.0 12:42.9
Catherine 2.40 30:31.0 12:42.9




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