Running Club News 17/10/16

Last week of preparation before the Great South Run this Sunday!!

If you are doing the GSR and haven’t received an e-mail from me please follow the link below for the schedule and let me know what yours plans are for the day. Many thanks.


Focusing on Speed today!! We also had a new recruit. A big welcome to Sarah P, who signed up for the GSR on Wednesday and came along today to see how she would go. Based on today’s performance I think she will be fine!! She flew round and finished in just over 8mins per mile without breaking a sweat!!! Nick B was also attending his first Friday RC session and put in a fantastic performance to finish just over 8mins per mile. His fastest run by nearly 30secs per mile.

Joanne had a problem with her sat nav this morning which slowed her down a bit while she sorted it out. But 10mins per mile is still good preparation and she is very ready for next Sundays run! Lisa too is very ready now. She ran the 4miles at a canter and was only 1second off her PB!!

We also had Jo back this morning. It was great to see her running again and shes should be fine for the GSR having come through today with no issues!!

Next Friday will be a gentle team run of about 4miles!! Nothing strenuous!!

Name 14/10/2016 Speed
Joanne 3.50 00:34:59 00:10:00
Mark 5.00 00:40:32 00:08:06
Jo 5.60 0:54:43 0:09:46
Lisa 4.10 00:40:38 00:09:55
Nick B 5.00 00:40:32 00:08:06
Sarah P 5.00 00:40:30 00:08:06



With less than a week to go to the GSR and the last Monday RC the focus was more on speed than distance this evening. A shorter 4mile route was selected and the runners charged with running it quickly!! And they did!!!

We did have a few new people to welcome first though. Chris is booked to do this Sundays GSR and came to undertake his first run in 2 years this evening. With the help of Brooke and Nick B, he completed the 5.2mile route with no trouble and should be fine for Sunday! His 8m33s split time very impressive!! This also pushed Brooke to his PB with the running club, his 8m 37s would be great as an average this Sunday!! Nick B was just outside his PB but feeling good and now well prepared for Sundays challenge.

Also new this evening was Rich, he isn’t doing the GSR this year but did fantastically well to complete 4miles non-stop. He was escorted round by Charles who helped him to a great first average speed of just under 10mins per mile. Well done Rich!

After last weeks amazing run Alex slowed down this evening and paired with Maddy. She has entered the Great South Run at the last minute and will now join us on Sunday! She is definitely ready for it after, with Alex’s help, smashed her PB speed this evening, setting a new record of just 8m 41s per mile. Well done Maddy!!

Pete isn’t doing the GSR again this year but I am sure he will be there to celebrate with us after the event. He teamed up with Carl this evening and the pair of them went flat out round the 4mile route. Carl is doing the GSR and is in perfect condition for it now, having run is fastest run since August 2015!! and only 10s per mile off his fastest ever run with the club. Well done Gents!

It was great to see Greg back with the club this evening following his holiday. He did hurt his knee while away but a fancy bit of sellotape seemed to keep it working, as his 9m 51s per mile was very impressive. Rose has also done fantastic in her preparation for next Sunday. Another great run this evening, averaging just 11m 39s per mile is perfect in advance for Sunday.

Welcome back this evening to Louise. She is has entered the GSR and was looking for a last run before the event. She teamed up with Gemma, and after a slow start, filled with catching up on the gossip, the ladies picked up the pace and finished in style. Both are looking forward now to a great run on Sunday!

Good luck everyone. Next Mondays run is a nice loosener for everyone after 10miles on Sunday!

Name 10/17/16 Speed
Mark 4.00 46:37.0 11:39.3
Pete 4.00 34:44.0 08:41.0
Nick B 5.20 44:10.0 08:29.6
Alex 5.20 45:10.0 08:41.2
Maddy 5.20 45:10.0 08:41.2
Chris 5.20 44:30.0 08:33.5
Charles 4.00 39:56.0 09:59.0
Rich 4.00 39:56.0 09:59.0
Greg 4.00 39:24.0 09:51.0
Louise T 4.00 36:48.0 09:12.0
Gemma 4.00 36:48.0 09:12.0
Carl 4.00 34:39.0 08:39.8
Rose 4.00 46:37.0 11:39.3
Brooke 5.20 44:50.0 08:37.3







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