Running Club News 15/10/18

With just 1 week to go to the Great South Run and 3 weeks to go to the New York Marathon. Everyone seems to be out running all the time. Its great to see.

Friday 12th October 2018

We had a great turnout this morning with a couple of new additions to the club. A massive welcome to Sarah and Kate who ran with us for the 1st time today, but judging from their pace not for the first time ever! Faye was back too, having completed her first run with the club 3 weeks ago, she was back for more punishment. The lads, Nick B, Nick C and Carl teamed up and took on the new 6.5mile route this morning, finishing it together with a very respectable 9mins per mile pace. Well done gents!!

I teamed up with the ladies, who all finished the 5.1mile run very strong. Sarah had plenty left in the tank at the end even with a pace of 9.31 per mile. With Faye and Kate not far behind and closing every step on the run back. Well done ladies. Very impressive.

Name 12/10/2018 Speed
Nick C 6.50 58:32.0 0:09:00
Mark 5.10 48:31.0 0:09:31
Nick B 6.50 58:32.0 0:09:00
Kate 5.10 49:45.0 0:09:45
Carl 6.50 58:32.0 0:09:00
Faye 5.10 49:45.0 0:09:45
Sar 5.10 48:31.0 0:09:31

Monday 15th October

Just the 4 dedicated runners this evening. Not a surprise following a very wet 16mile run the day before which saw both Leyon and myself pull up short. Getting so close to the big events now it is a case of managing the risk of injury against the benefit of more running. Therefore Charles and I chose the short option this evening. Going for quality rather than quantity. It worked too, as we finished in a good time of 9.43 per mile. Carl, who has run a significant amount of miles in the last few weeks, teamed up with Sarah P. This was Sarahs first run with us for a while and just in time with her entry in the GSR this Sunday confirmed. I am sure she wont have any problems getting round though as averaged 8m27s per mile round the 5.1mile course. Very quick, well done Sarah!

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