Testimonial – Anne

June 2015 I was sitting on my sofa on a Saturday afternoon feeling lethargic and I knew I had to make some changes. I came across Mark by looking through the internet for a trainer in Warsash. I had never had a personal trainer before, and, in the past had joined various gyms and managed a few sessions each time I joined. I was therefore rather reluctant to engage a personal trainer but thought I would give it a go.

Mark took all my measurements and our sessions started. All I can say is that for the first three weeks I think I spent more time walking round the car park then actually doing any real activity. Gradually however my fitness levels improved and my muscles stopped aching.

Things were going great and I continued seeing Mark twice a week. Then in February 2016 he talked to me about the MyZone system and encouraged me to get a belt. I really did not take too much notice of the App. All I know is that Mark was always happy if I hit 200 MEP’s per session. I used to get the e-mails coming through to me and just deleted them.

Then in June 2016 I had a setback when I was told I would need to have a major operation. Mark was brilliant and helped me build up my fitness levels in preparation, which I now know really helped me to recover after my op in September 2016. I could not exercise for 6 weeks but by then I realised that if I could keep my MEP’s going I could work towards being a Gold member having achieved the Silver status.

Wednesday May 17th I hit my MEP’s for the month of May and that meant I was now a Gold member. I was training that day with Mark and as I broke through the MEP’s for the month, Mark put on Spandau Ballet playing Gold (my request) to say I felt like I had just run my own personal marathon would be an understatement.

Anybody who knows me will tell you, I am not a natural when it comes to exercise. I have battled with weight all my life, and whilst I am very good at starting things with all the best intentions in the world I rarely see anything through. So all I can say is a Big thank you to Mark for helping me regain my fitness levels and continuing to work with me. I am now determined to get to the next level.


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