Matt Guille

I’ve had my best ever winter season target rifle shooting, taking gold in 5 out of 6 of the individual competitions entered and having the top average in the teams I’ve represented across the winter. We’ve also won the inter-county league and national league division 1 for clubs.

As we’ve moved outdoors for the summer, international matches have started and we took bronze at the French Open despite me having to stop for a broken rifle and fire the last 27 shots in 15 minutes (normally it takes an hour to shoot 60 shots).

Perhaps the most unusual and positive thing about 2016 so far is my consistency; indoors when wind does not affect the flight of the bullet my lowest match score has been 99/100 so 9 or 10 out of 10 shots hitting a 1 mm dot 25 yards away every time – I’ve never been so consistent before and I’ve not seen anyone else have such a prolonged run of high scores.

I’m so pleased with being able to improve at the age of 53 and I’m sure some of it is down to the excellent fitness levels I’ve achieved thanks to Mark and his colleagues at New Life Training.

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