I have had a heart condition now for nearly 8 years and in this time I have been unable to carry on normal exercise. When Mark first started New Life Training I was desperate to get fit and really wanted to start Mark’s groups, however doctors advised me that I couldn’t do much in the way of exercise until my heart becomes more stable. Mark did introduce me to his range of watches that could monitor my heart rate, so that I could gradually build up my exercise over time and then eventually I could be ready for extra exercise.

This watch saved my life, as I went into hospital in October last year when my heart decided to have a wobble and as I was using the watch to monitor my heart rate at the time while doing housework it fore warned me and appropriate action was taken for me. I think Mark and his team have done a great deal of research into equipment that is sold via New Life Training and I am so glad that I was advised to buy this watch and I am still using it now to monitor any exercise that I am now starting to do. The quality and service Mark gives is personal to each individual need and I am so glad to have received his help.


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