My initial consultation was a wake-up call, nearly 30 years old, 30 kilos over weight, high blood pressure and 14 months to my wedding. Mark has simply been excellent; his support and advice has encouraged me to make changes to my diet and get active.

I set myself three main goals;

  1. Lose weight,
  2. Get into 32” trousers
  3. Fitness, specifically be able to cycle to and from work (14 miles) and run 2 miles non-stop within 5 weeks.

I joined the running club on a Monday, Bootcamp on a Saturday, and ‘enjoyed’ a private fitness session once a week, occasionally attending Boxercise on a Tuesday, and after three weeks I was comfortably running 3 miles without stopping, and after 8 weeks, I am now able cycle to and from work comfortably 3 times a week. I have found that the classes suit me well and are always very friendly with loads of support.

Mark monitors me throughout my sessions or classes by a heart rate monitor, knowing what level I should be working at to improve my fitness or burn fat. After 5 weeks I had lost near 4 kilos of body fat, 6cm’s from my waist and felt amazing! Being able to text or email Mark for advise and questions has been a real bonus.


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