Jill Langan

Let me start out by stating that if I had known Lindsey’s nickname was ‘Lunging Lindsey’ that I might not have booked my first appointment!

I’m a 42 year old Mom of 2 who like many Mom’s didn’t take time for her own fitness while her kids were young. I sought out New Life Training to see if a personal trainer might be the best route for me to get back into a routine and back into shape. Having been a military service member in my teens and twenties, I had a pretty good foundation but just hadn’t seemed to fit working out into my parent lifestyle.

So after almost a 10 year gap in my physical fitness, I decided to give NLT, and Lindsey a try.

My first impressions of Lindsey were wondering how this young, fit soft-spoken lass would possibly push me to get back into shape. Little did I know that her soft touch and methodical routines would result in better physical fitness results than decades of working on my own. In the 8 weeks I have worked with Lindsey, my mental and physical state have both exceeded any expectations I had. I am actually now pushing myself farther than I ever dreamed possible. And in fact, am planning my first official timed 5k run which I never would have dreamed I’d be so excited about.
In a nutshell my first 2 months with Lindsey have made me realise what being fit in my own skin feels like. We all have personal circumstances which make our fitness needs unique. For me, Lindsey has been able to effectively use technology, expertise and personality to show me what I am personally capable of – which is already at a higher plateau than I would have imagined and we’re still going strong!

To end on a more personal note, my sister passed away two years ago at 42 from a heart attack with no prior indications. Within 8 weeks of working with Lindsey my resting heart rate is down by 8 beats per minute, my percent body fat is down by over 6%, and my visceral fat is down by 2%! I now am comfortable knowing that I am doing everything I can as a Mum to stay healthy for life for my girls and I am setting the healthy lifestyle example for them as they grow into teenagers. I couldn’t be happier with the results!


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