A Postcard from Jenny

You know them times when you really need a holiday, well time had come for Mike and I to take that holiday! With three young adults either at home or dropping their washing off home, oh! for those with primary school age children things really don’t change, the problems just change, from not being popular or not being picked for the team etc, to relationships, money, alcohol, parties etc etc.

One of my goals when Mark and I first started training was to improve my mental health and make it stronger but boy little did we know what we would be facing over the next few months including redundancy, family bereavement and long distance working to name a few. Although Mark just helped me take one week at a time even to the point I had lost over a stone before I even realised.
Anyway back to the holiday… All decided, one week all inclusive at a 5 Star Resort and Spa in the Canaries, idyllic…. Having left home comforting ourselves that everything is insured and that we know most of the local constabulary by their first name (something else you advance to after primary school) we were confident that all would be well, or could be replaced!

Having never done all inclusive before Mike and I chatted about wanting to relax, enjoy and not think about what we needed to do or eat next but at the same time, were mindful that we didn’t want to blow it, so we took our trainers and kit with us. In the back of my mind I recalled Becca saying she had been on holiday and trained every day, mmmm challenge on.
The hotel was amazing, the gym was crap and didn’t have aircon so we only visited that once but we did make sure we planned in an activity each day and became quite creative although for me tennis was the best as my shoulder strength has improved so much that Mike had to really work hard to beat me – bonus!! It was great seeing the look on his face when he realised I was getting quite good.

I also recall walking into the huge restaurant with the most amazing choice of food and right at that moment when you walk towards the first display counter and think sod it, something happened which really shouldn’t when you are on holiday. Marks face popped up behind the steak saying, “is it fried, grilled or baked?” I shook my head and moved onto the pizza counter but there he was again “Oh Jen, think about all that cheese.” This continued until I eventually headed to the fish, cold meat and salad counter, where to my shock he was there again but this time was holding his thumbs up and smiling the way that only he can do when you know he’s right!

So to round up our week away, we had a brilliant time and were able to have a laugh and take advantage of the all-inclusive without totally blowing our training. I think Mark not only works on our fitness but somehow builds something into our unconscious brain as well because at my first session last week I had lost a pound which isn’t bad after a whole week away and discovering a liking for G&T . Oh and the house is still standing and the kids are alive although they were relieved to have us back, which was nice too.

Happy holidays.


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