Warsash Therapy Rooms

Enjoy Fitness would like to welcome Warsash Therapy Room to the village of Warsash. It is with great pleasure that we can announce the collaboration with this new business situated just around the corner from the Studio. We already boast a 9 year relationship with Warsash Therapy Room owner and head sports therapist, Ellen Shearon. She has been part of a team that have helped us through several Great South Runs, tough mudder recovery sessions and, of course, essential maintenance during our marathon training. The association between the companies has grown so strong a strap-line of “we break them and they fix them!” has been used with tongue in cheek. The relationship however, provides much more now as clients benefit from maintenance massages and therapies, aiding recovery and improving relaxation. Plus, client referrals are now working both ways, with back and knee rehab work undertaken at Enjoy to compliment the sports therapy; Gait enhancement for sports players and runners; and weight loss sessions delivered to help bones and joint issues.
So now you can receive the whole package in Warsash village. Muscle work and exercise at Enjoy, plus massage, therapies and relaxation at Warsash Therapy Rooms.
For more information go to https://www.warsashtherapyrooms.co.uk/


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