Stubbington 10k 2019

There has been a tradition within the Warsash Running Club to enter a team in to the Stubbington 10k. This year was no exception with 13 runners entered from the Enjoy Fitness Club. We did, as always, have a few last minute transfers of names etc. But for once everyone remembered, 1) to turn up, 2) to bring their numbers and 3) to bring their myzones!!

The weather was very kind, a strong breeze but not too cold. In previous years we have run this race in blizzards!

There were a few people out for PBs today. Charles was determined to get under the hour mark. The reward would be an afternoon in the pub, a huge incentive, but he fell just 39 seconds short. There was a positive though as he was 6 seconds faster than last year, so he did decide to reward himself with a small beer (to start!). Nick and Kira were late entries in to the race. Just returning from Miami, they were a bit jet lagged, but put in a fantastic performance. Nick with close to 8mins per mile, still had a bit left in the tank at the end and Kira had a superb run finishing in under the hour. Leyons run was a bit start – stop, but his overall pace was impressive and definitely a good run following Christmas. Seb has just joined the running club and managed 2 runs with us. He had a great run, and finished strong to average under 10mins per mile. Well done Seb!

Sarah had a great run and her fastest ever!! Taking over a minute off last years time, she flew home in under 48minutes, super-fast!! Sophie also took over a minute off her previous years time so show her fitness is improving year on year.

Rob has been personal training with Riley at the club to supplement his running, and it has certainly paid dividends, another strong finish saw Rob finish with an average pace under 8 mins per mile, very impressive. His wife, Gemma, was one of the marshals today along the route who did a fantastic job of motivating and organising the runners throughout. Many thanks to all of the volunteers to help to organise the run.

Lisa, Louise, Carl and Nina were all back for another year running this fantastic route. All completed the run comfortably and in style and are all already looking at the next run to enter.

Why not join us for the next 10k, most likely the Eastleigh 10k. 24th March. Entry details can be found here –

Come along the Enjoy Running Club on a Monday 6.30pm or Friday 9.30am to improve your speed and / or distance. For more information go to


Name Stubbington 10k (2019) Speed
Lisa 6.25 01:05:02 00:10:24 x
Nick B 6.25 00:51:19 00:08:13 x
Mark 6.25 00:44:52 00:07:11 x
Kira 6.25 00:58:13 00:09:19 x
Leyon 6.25 00:54:18 00:08:41 x
Carl 6.25 01:15:42 00:12:07 x
Nina 6.25 01:15:42 00:12:07 x
Charles 6.25 01:00:39 00:09:42 x
Sarah P 6.25 00:47:57 00:07:40 x
Seb 6.25 01:01:48 00:09:53 x
Sophie 6.25 00:51:00 00:08:10 x
Louise 6.25 00:54:48 00:08:46 x
Rob 6.25 00:49:25 00:07:54 x

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