Running Club News – Lee-on-Solent Special

The weather was horrendous for the long run today in preparation for the Great South Run. It would have been better training for a triathlon with all the water on the way round but it didn’t effect the 9 keen runners focused on achieving the distance, some for the first time, in readiness for the GSR in 3 weeks. The run itself was 9.4miles (10miles between friends) and the route ideal in mirroring the challenges the GSR presents!



Nick was unfortunately injured but his son, Henry, picked up the baton for the family and completed a very assured run in under an hour and a half. He was someway behind his Dads time when he completed this route last year but Henry is determined to beat his Dads time in the GSR in a few weeks. Just behind Henry were Paul and Martin. They had spent 88minutes running together, motivating each other and pushing each other round. It wasn’t until they finished did they realise they had been at the same dinner party the week before. The conversation could have been a whole lot different! The run itself was extremely good for Martin and Paul, Paul beat his time from last years run by 15seconds and considering the conditions this year, that was a great achievement. Well done gents!



Representing the ladies, Lindsey, Louise and Kate ran together. They all completed the distance, the first time any of them had run 10miles non-stop, in a extremely good time. They had been aiming at less than 2 hours but completed it way under that with a 1h 42!!! They looked very surprised when they finished. Now they finally believe they can do it!! They even looked as though they could have kept going!!




Alistair completed his run with confidence, a non-stop run for him shows he is much better prepared for this years GSR than last! His time of 1:38 was very impressive. Just behind Alistair, Charles completed the run soaked, but with a smile, knowing he is off to warmer climates soon!! Have a great break Charles, we’ll miss you on the day!


Well done also to Bruce and Greg who attempted the route on Saturday in better conditions. An injury unfortunately prevented them completing the run, but a valiant effort! Finally, a big thank you to water station / motivator and chief photographer, Nick who helped out today!




Name Distance Time Ave Speed
Kate 9.40 01:45:15 00:11:12
Lindsey 9.40 01:42:00 00:10:51
Mark 9.40 01:27:10 00:09:16
Charles 9.40 01:40:46 00:10:43
Alistair 9.40 01:38:20 00:10:28
Louise 9.40 01:42:00 00:10:51
Henry 9.40 01:27:10 00:09:16
Paul 9.40 01:28:45 00:09:26
Martin 9.40 01:28:45 00:09:26

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