Running Club News 9/9/13

We upped the miles this evening and although there were no speed records broken there were definitely some distances achieved. Some of the runners achieved further distances than expected as well, as a couple went off route, but everyone of the runners completed this evenings challenge without stopping!! Out front Alistair set the pace with a fantastic sub-10mins per mile! This was after all the runners had agreed to go with the 6m approx route to try and put some miles in the legs as the Great South Run approaches quickly!

Kate achieved her furthest run ever with the Monday night group. Completing the 5.8miles in 63mins, fantastic Kate!! Although Charles and Greg had been ahead of Kate throughout the run they missed a turn and added an additional third of a mile on the route. Still their 6.1m course was just as good and completed in great times and determination!

Well done team. We will try the 5.8m route again next week!! See you then!

Name 09/09/2013 Speed
Mark                  5.80 01:03:12 00:10:54
Kate                  5.80 01:03:08 00:10:53
Charles                  6.14 01:03:06 00:10:17
Alistair                  5.80 00:57:11 00:09:52
Greg                  6.20 01:06:02 00:10:39

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