Running Club News 8/2/16

Friday 5th February

There were some extremely fast times this Friday. I think people had to be somewhere this morning, there must have been a party somewhere. I certainly wasn’t invited though!! Everyone wanted get the run over as soon as possible. Apparently it was raining, but Jo didn’t even notice as she sprinted the 4.8miles!! She finished the course in just 41m 50s for her third fastest ever time with the club – an average of just 8m43s per mile. This wasn’t the fastest of the day either. Sharon was on a mission today and along with Leigh-Ann they blasted round the 3.7mile lap in 30mins. They knew they had a fast time when they said there wasn’t much time for conversation on the way round!! It was Leigh-Ann’s fastest run with the club and just outside the 8mins per mile!!! Awesome ladies, well done!! Joanne had been dong some homework too, a couple more runs on her own this week and she is right back on it!! Her 10m 18s average was her Personal Best today with the club, completing a very successful run for all those who participated. Same routes next week for the last time and a chance to improve even more!!

Name 5/2/2016 Speed
Jo F 4.80 0:41:50 0:08:43
Sharon 3.70 0:30:00 0:08:06
Leigh-Ann 3.7 0:30:00 0:08:06
Joanne 3.70 0:38:07 0:10:18


Monday 8th February

It was the last run on the “willy run” this evening. Nicknamed after the shape of it on the map apparently! I was hoping for some PBs this evening but Hurricane Imogen put an end to that with 70 – 80mile winds!! It did slow most down somewhat this evening but not Dawn. She partnered up with Charles this evening and he really put her through her paces!! She completed the run in 39 minutes for a personal best average of just 10m 36s per mile, not only that, she came first!! Finishing this evenings run before anyone else! Well done Dawn!! Amazing! And thanks to Charles for motivating her round non-stop!
Louise and Gemma were a tad slower than last week, I had expected them to use the cold wind as an excuse, but it was more like hot air for the slow time as they admitted to too much talking this evening!! Well done on a good time anyway ladies and it was a good way to catch-up with each other! Even Mike was a little slower this evening, as the wind really did prevent anyone from getting up a good pace. Pete and Carl had a good go at it though. Cutting through the wind on the 4.7mile zig-zag course, But even they couldn’t improve on the previous weeks results.

New routes next week you will be pleased to hear!!

Name 8/2/2016 Speed
Pete 4.70 42:31.0 09:02.8
Mike Y 5.80 45:55.0 07:55.0
Charles 3.70 39:14.0 10:36.2
Gemma 5.80 57:24.0 09:53.8
Carl 4.70 42:31.0 09:02.8
Louise 5.8 57:24.0 09:53.8
Dawn 3.7 39:14.0 10:36.2


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