Running Club News 7/8/17

Friday 4th August

Just the three runners again this week with Alex back to improve on her run last week and Nick C back from Chicago. Alex was awesome, maintaining a fantastic pace throughout the 3.7mile route without stopping. This resulted a Personal Best and a massive 1 min per mile off her previous weeks split time to 10m 29s per mile. Fantastic Alex, well done!! Nick went for the longer route and seeing Alex in the distance along Warsash Road he pushed himself hard to try and catch her up before the finish. He didn’t quite make it but it certainly helped his time, as he took 4 minutes off the route time from Monday evening ! Well done.

Monday 7th August

New routes this week, and in theory fairly quick routes too. It was a first attempt this evening but already there are signs of some personal bests to be achieved. For the ladies this evening it was also a chance to go further. The 4.8mile route was a great carrot to encourage a few extra meters in to the ladies run. They all did amazing too. Kate and Sharon teamed up and looked like twins running down Warsash Road in perfect synchronization. It was a great time too with Kate setting a new PB with the club 27seconds per mile quicker than her previous best and on a longer route. Well done Kate.

Laura teamed up with Nina and Mandy B. The ladies whizzed round the 4.8 circuit. Not bad considering Laura had run 5 miles yesterday too!! She even shaved 4 seconds per mile off her split time last week to set a new running club PB for herself, well done Laura. Well done to Mandy B and Nina for the extra miles too!!

Sue opted for the long route, 5.8miles. She absolutely smashed it too! Her first sub 9-min mile average since May, and this is after she completed the Wickham 10k at the weekend, well done Sue. Well done also to her daughter, Jo, who is getting stronger each week following injury. With Charles running with her this evening she killed the 4.8mile route and declared she is ready for the 5.8 next week. You should have seen Charles’ face drop!!  Running the 5.8 this week we had Carl and Richard. It was the Richards first run with the club for a few weeks but he was keen to put in a fast run and he did just that. The 7m30s average per mile was extremely quick and pushed Carl to a 7m 49s split,  identical to last week but a longer distance. Well done Gents.

Finally, Nick C had a great run on the 4.8mile route. A massive 30s per mile quicker than his average last week it shows his running is getting stronger week on week now.

Same routes next week! Don’t forget to book for the Great South Run if you haven’t done already!!


Name 07/08/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.80 40:03.0 08:20.6
Mark 4.80 40:03.0 08:20.6
Sue 5.80 52:10.0 08:59.7
Jo F 4.80 46:39.0 09:43.1
Mandy B 4.80 53:29.0 11:08.5
Charles 4.80 46:39.0 09:43.1
Carl 5.80 45:20.0 07:49.0
Nina 4.8 53:25.0 11:07.7
Sharon 4.80 49:08.0 10:14.2
Richard 5.8 43:30.0 07:30.0
Kate 4.8 49:08.0 10:14.2
Laura 4.8 53:29.0 11:08.5




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