Running Club News 7/5/12

The wet Bank Holiday discouraged a few runners for this evenings Warsash Run, but those dedicated few had a great time with some very impressive performances!

We had a new runner this evening, Charlie, who set off at 100miles per hour but still completed the 3.6mile route well in just 10m 37s, well done Charlie, we hope to see you back again next week. Charlie was spurred on by Ryan, returning to the running club from several months away! A very fast sprint finish meant Ryan finished first this evening with a very fast 7m 57s average speed per mile. Nick and Mark gave him a run for his money, but Ryans large stride length was no match for Nick and Marks little legs! Nick did finish with a personal best though of 8m 01s, well done Nick, great run!!

Dan was back for his second week and is already improving beating last weeks average and setting himself a new Personal Best speed of 10m 11s per mile. Also back this evening was Claire, refreshed from a few weeks away she also achieved a Personal Best, taking 1 second per mile off her previous best, well done Claire! It was also good to see Alistair, Katrina and Louisa back from a few weeks away, all put in very good performances.

Well done to all the runners, same next week before the Marwell 10k!

Name 07/05/2012 Time 1 Speed
Alistair 3.55 00:34:15 00:09:39
Mark 3.55 00:28:28 00:08:01
Katrina 3.55 00:36:08 00:10:11
Liam 3.7 00:36:51 00:09:58
Sharon 3.55 00:34:43 00:09:47
Nick 3.55 0:28:28 00:08:01
Louisa 3 00:33:20 00:11:07
Dan 3.55 00:36:08 00:10:11
Charlie 3.55 00:37:40 00:10:37
Claire 3 00:31:27 00:10:29
Ryan 3.55 00:28:14 00:07:57



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