Running Club News 7/12/15

Firstly a quick report on Fridays run –
We had completed this route on the previous Friday as well as at the Monday Running club, but a few people still managed to go off track! Poor old Joanne got slightly lost and ended up completing a 5.2mile route. It wasn’t a bad  thing though as she also completed it in a record average. Its not often 1 person breaks two PBs on the same day so well done Joanne, furthest run with the running club and the quickest average!! Awesome!
Greg remembered to go past the Rising Sun this week but forgot it was Church Road not Osborne Rd we were supposed to go down, it was only a little shorter in distance but a much quicker run as he returns to fitness.
Mandy completed the route well in only her 2nd run with the club and managed the circuit 21seconds per mile quicker to set a new PB! Well done Mandy!
We had a new recruit to the running club today and our youngest ever participant, Chester, just 8months old!!! He was pushed round by Gemma in a “Speed buggy”. He beat his Mum by about a meter as well. Well done Gemma for pushing him round especially up those hills!! Same route next week for the final time and hopefully we can get it right!!

Name 12/4/2015 Speed
Greg 4.50 0:46:27 0:10:19
Mandy 4.50 0:46:00 0:10:13
Joanne 5.20 0:55:36 0:10:42
Gemma 4.50 0:47:44 0:10:36


Mondays Running Club –

A great turnout this evening and a pleasant evening to run in! Gemma was without the speed buggy this evening but she brought along her friend, Louise, for her first run with the club. They clearly motivated each other along well as Gemma achieved her PB with the club and took an massive 25seconds per mile off her previous best. Well done ladies and welcome along Louise!

Also new to the club this evening was Rose. Running alongside Nina and Dawn, Rose took on the 3.5mile route! They all completed it in style and with respectable times too, well done ladies!

Greg looked as though he was going coal-mining this evening with his headlamp on! Next week I think it needs to be blue and flash more, then people will get out the way Greg. Good time though! Getting faster each run at the moment!

Out front Pete and Ian had a great run. They beat last weeks run by just 7 seconds per mile, but definite improvement! Carl also had a great run, this was after completing the Victory 10k yesterday in a fantastic 58mins! Well done Carl! Even after yesterday he still managed to do today’s run 30seconds per mile quicker than last week!

Now you have all managed to do the route correctly I will change it for next week!! Well done all!

Name 12/6/2015 Speed
Pete 4.50 0:38:32 0:08:34
Greg 4.50 0:46:10 0:10:16
Gemma 4.50 0:43:32 0:09:40
Carl 4.50 0:42:59 0:09:33
Nina 3.50 0:45:00 0:12:51
Ian 4.50 0:38:32 0:08:34
Rose 3.50 0:45:00 0:12:51
Louise 4.50 0:43:32 0:09:40
Dawn 3.5 0:45:00 0:12:51






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