Running Club News 6/5/13

The final run before the Marwell 10k this evening and glorious sunshine greeted the dedicated few who sacrificed their BBQs for a bit of last minute training. It was very warm in the sun today which did slow people down somewhat, but it was still a very enjoyable run.

Returning to the running club this evening was Jacqui, with her first run with the club since last July. She has entered the Great South Run, as many have now, and wisely is starting her training now, as many have not done! Jacqui managed 2.3miles on her first run with the club last time round, tonight she completed a fantastic 3.25m….already a mile ahead of schedule Jacqui, well done!!

Sandy and Pete represented the boys this evening and they put in a good run completing the 5.7m route in under the hour, great preparation for Sundays run. Ali and Kate were representing the girls, and just missed out on the hour and an improvement on last week, the excuse was that the guys had slowed them down at the beginning too much. I’m not going to argue with them!!!

Good luck to everyone running the Marwell 10k this Sunday. I will send out an e-mail with the logistics etc tomorrow to all those who are running. Next weeks running club involves no steep hills…i promise!!!


Name 06/05/2013 Speed
Mark                  3.25 00:42:58 00:13:13
Sandy S                  5.70 00:59:10 00:10:23
Pete                  5.70 00:59:10 00:10:23
Kate                  5.70 01:00:42 00:10:39
Ali                  5.70 01:00:25 00:10:36
Jacqui                  3.25 00:42:58 00:13:13

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