Running Club News 6/2/17

Monday 6th February

With 5 minutes to go to the start and the weather looking a bit rough I was content to see 4 smiley faces awaiting the start of this evenings Warsash Running Club. The door then flung open and a sudden influx of people arrived ready to run. I was running with Brooke and Rich, as we were approaching Peters Road Rich said with real optimism, I think we might miss the rain this evening……with that….queue downpour!! It rained for the next 4miles until we finished…..and then it stopped!!!

So 9 very soaked runners completed this evenings routes in some style. Half way round, Brooke, Rich and I were passed by an grey object flying through the air. It passed with so much velocity that it literally span me around and dragged us all forward in the tail wind. It wasn’t a bird, or a plane but Super-Alex!!! Not quite beating his club record of 6mins per mile, but damn close. We even presented him with a Running club vest at the end as he now holds the club speed record. Well done Alex. The three of us continued only to be passed again, Jo!!! She always seems to catch and overtake people on the hills!! This time it was Pitchponds! Brooke had a valiant effort in trying to keep with her along Newtown road but to no avail! Rich obviously did well to slip stream a couple of the fast pacers this evening as he produced his Personal Best with the Running club. His 9m 25s per mile beating his previous best set last November, well done Rich!!

By this time, Pete had already finished. His 8m 48s further improvement on the last two weeks and a return to near his best! Carl and Rose had also finished, it was Roses’ fastest ever run with the club surpassing her 10m 52s set last February. Carl and the wet weather I think were the motivators in getting the run done quick. Great time though Rose, well done!

Nick was the only one to have completed this course before, having been the lone entry in to the Friday running club on the same route. He did take a minute and a half off his Friday time though this evening, so evenings seem to be better, or his Chinese was getting cold??!!

Well done to all the wet runners this evening, same routes next week.

Name 06/02/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.90 0:48:36 0:08:14
Mark 4.70 0:43:54 0:09:20
Pete 4.70 0:41:20 0:08:48
Jo F 4.70 0:43:34 0:09:16
Alex 5.90 0:36:55 0:06:15
Rich 4.70 0:44:14 0:09:25
Carl 3.20 0:34:20 0:10:44
Rose 3.20 0:34:20 0:10:44
Brooke 4.7 0:43:44 0:09:18

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