Running Club News 6/1/14

First Monday session of the New Year was a big success. 2 New runners! With 4 Personal Bests achieved! We ran the same route for the final time this evening although some people still managed to get a little lost. New to the club this evening was Damian, his first run for a very long time and he decided, wisely, to go for the 3mile route with the aim of completing the run non-stop and not worrying about a time at this stage. Charles ran with him to coach him through the route. Damian completed it non-stop and in a very quick average of just over 10mins per mile. Well done Damian, I’m expecting a quick step up to the longer routes very soon! And thanks to Charles for supporting him round this evening.

Also running for the first time this evening was Sue V, although Sue has been a member at athletics clubs previously, she hasn’t run any distance for sometime and was nervous about completing 4.2miles (6.8km) on her first outing, but she managed it non-stop and in an amazing average of just 8m 48s per mile. Very Fast!!!

Georgina had a great run this week. Although she was missing her co-runner Kate (off ill) from last week, she managed to push herself to a personal best average of 10m 13s per mile, fantastic!! Well done! Also with a PB this evening was Tom. A huge sprint finish saw him pip his previous best average by just 1 second per mile…..but it all counts!! Maggie, Tom and Mike had a slightly shorter run this evening, but they still completed it non-stop and in some style too! Well done!

Miles made a welcome return to the running club this evening. He has been away for over a month, but you wouldn’t have noticed as he flew round the course and only missed his PB by a few seconds. Great run Miles, good to see you back! Nick was also back this evening following illness, and he managed to beat his previous weeks time by 24seconds even though he wasn’t feeling 100%. Finally Greg had another great run. He clearly prefers to run in the daylight as he wasn’t able to match his time on this route from Friday, but he did shave off 3 seconds from last Mondays run to show he is still improving! Well Done Greg!

New routes next week, so a great time to come along and join the Warsash Runners!

Name 06/01/2014 Speed
Nick 4.20 00:40:50 00:09:43
Mark 4.20 00:36:56 00:08:48
Miles 4.20 00:39:16 00:09:21
Mike H 4.20 00:48:29 00:11:33
Maggie 3.70 00:44:30 00:12:02
Charles 2.90 00:29:17 00:10:06
Tom 3.70 00:40:28 00:10:56
Greg 4.20 00:43:08 00:10:16
Georgina 4.05 00:41:22 00:10:13
Sue V 4.20 00:36:56 00:08:48
Damian 2.90 00:29:17 00:10:06

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