Running Club News 5/12/11

Apologies for the late edition of the Running Club News this week. There is a huge amount of development and planning going on at New Life Training HQ ready for the New Year!! Exciting Stuff!!

At this session the runners were offered the option of “Energy Systems Training” or a final attempt at last weeks run. The overwhelming majority went for the run, so expectations were high on a high proportion gaining their Personal Bests this week. They didnt shy away from the challenge with 10 of the runners achieving their Personal Bests, not only for the route but for the duration of running with the running club!!! Amazing!!

Firstly, a big welcome to the evenings new runner – Kathy! Her first experience of the running club and she made it round the 3.1m route without stopping – the furthest she has ever run non-stop!! Fantastic!! Thanks to Angela, one of the original runners at the club, who encouraged her all the way round!

The biggest improvement on the night was Pete B, who took off 2m 30s from last weeks time on the route and is now just outside the 10min mile marker, you need to get under this next week Pete!! Achieving under the 10min per mile barrier for the first time was Katrina, and she did it in style achieving a superfast 9m 40s per mile alongside Annie who also had her fastest ever time with the club!

To make it confusing for me we now have two pairs of Wendy and Mels who run together and both sets of ladies recorded their fastest ever speeds with the club today! Mel F and Wendy T took nearly 2 minutes of last weeks time and are now just 8 seconds off averaging under 11mins per mile!! Next week ladies!! The other Mel and Wendy show saw the ladies take 2 mins off their time as well and they also averaged 11mins per mile – fantastic!

Mike was back from a week away and was clearly rejuvenated as he clocked his fastest ever run with the club averaging 8m 40s per mile, well done Mike!

Finally a special mention to Sandy S, who missed his PB by just 4secs per mile, but his PB was last week and was overlooked, he is now clocking under 8m 45s per mile and getting faster every week, I best go out and by some jet propelled trainers to keep ahead Sandy!

Well done to all the runners this week. We have a new route next week and an ideal time to come back and give it a go if you have been away or our thinking of starting with the running club. You can check out the running schedule for the next few weeks at


Name Distance 4 Time 4 Speed
Alistair           4.30 00:42:40 00:09:55
Sandy S           4.30 00:37:45 00:08:47
Pete           4.30 00:36:52 00:08:34
Annie T           4.30 00:41:33 00:09:40
Katrina           4.30 00:41:33 00:09:40
Mel W           3.10 00:35:00 00:11:17
Wendy C           3.10 00:35:00 00:11:17
Mike           4.30 00:37:17 00:08:40
Kathy           3.10 00:40:46 00:13:09
Liam           4.30 00:39:20 00:09:09
Pete B           4.30 00:43:20 00:10:05
Wendy T           4.30 00:47:51 00:11:08
Mel F           4.30 00:47:51 00:11:08
Angela           3.10 00:40:46 00:13:09
Sharon           4.30 00:43:25 00:10:06
Mark           4.30 00:36:56 00:08:35
Ann           4.30 00:37:30 00:08:43
Bruce           4.30 00:37:30 00:08:43

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