Running Club News 4/9/17

Friday 1st September

A good turn out this morning for the 1st attempt at these routes. We welcomed back Sarah and Lisa to the running club as they start their preparation for the Great South Run. Alex also has penned the date in her diary. Sarah teamed up with Nick and the pair set off on the 4.7mile route. Sarah did really well to keep up with Nick for the majority of the run before dropping back near the end. Still, it was a very good 8m43s per mile average for her first run back since last years Great South. It was also Lisa’s first run for a while and she did great tearing up the shorter 3.5mile route, and straight back to 9m 40s per mile average. Alex too had a great run and had to encourage me round in a roll reversal after I had run 7 miles the day before and was walking a bit like John Wayne. Thanks Alex!!

Name 01/09/2017 0:00:00 Speed
Nick C 4.70 0:40:30 0:08:37
Mark 3.50 0:38:13 0:10:55
Alex A 3.50 0:38:13 0:10:55
Sarah 4.7 0:41:00 0:08:43
Lisa 3.5 0:33:50 0:09:40


Monday 4th September

The preparation for the Great South Run really started this evening with all the runners upping their game. For the ladies it was the furthest run they had achieved since last years GSR and for some the furthest ever!! For Lydia and Kate is wasn’t only the furthest they have run non-stop with the club, with Sharons help and pace setting, it was also their fastest, setting a new PB for pace and distance. Well done!!

Richard also ran the 6.1miles and set another PB for himself finishing a run in under 7mins per mile for the first time. Well done!! Awesome!

Also this evening we had new recruit Alex (Hutch). He has enrolled on this years GSR and has already started some running. He looked strong this evening and did fantastic to get round the 6.1miles to show that he will have no problem in completing the GSR this year!

Sue and Jo ran together this evening again. There was some confusion at the beginning if Sue was running to Gosport or if, in fact she was going to carry a fridge freezer round with her. But once we had established that it was a fridge she was collecting after the run from Gosport we could focus on the run, which the ladies achieved with flying colours!! 10min miles was very impressive.

Nick C had run this route on Friday with the club and so had a slight advantage. He made it count as well as he flew round the course to his fastest run ever with the running club and a new PB of 7m 39s per mile. Well done Nick, speedy!!

Well done also this evening to Carl, Rich and Lisa who also put in great performances. Carl went for the long route and was just 4 seconds per mile from his PB. Rich is getting back in to his grove since having some time away from running and Lisa had new trainers and an unfortunate blister which cut her run short, but it was looking very fast!!

Same routes next week team!!


Name 04/09/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.70 36:00.0 07:39.6
Mark 6.10 59:59.0 09:50.0
Sue 4.70 47:11.0 10:02.3
Jo F 4.70 47:11.0 10:02.3
Hutch 6.10 59:59.0 09:50.0
Rich 4.70 44:40.0 09:30.2
Carl 6.10 45:39.0 07:29.0
Sharon 6.10 03:21.0 10:23.1
Richard 6.1 42:30.0 06:58.0
Kate 6.2 03:31.0 10:14.7
Lydia 6.1 03:31.0 10:24.8
Lisa 3.3 33:36.0 10:10.9






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