Running Club News 31/10/16

Friday 28th October

I was still hurting from the Great South Run, so I put together a choice of 3 routes – 2.5miles, 3.8miles or 4.9miles. I had fully expected everyone to go for the shorter options, so imagine my pain when everyone opted for the 4.9mile route today!! Not only that, but they all ran fast!!! Greg was off like a gazelle! And Lisa, having now finished the GSR but still running (I think she likes it really), finished in a PB of under 10mins per mile. Joanne too had a great run, chasing Lisa down Brooke Lane to finish just behind and a fraction off 10mins per mile. It did loosen me up, but not quite what I intended, well done all!!

Name 28/10/2016 Speed
Mark 4.90 0:49:27 0:10:06
Greg 4.90 0:47:19 0:09:39
Lisa 4.9 0:48:19 0:09:52
Joanne 4.9 0:49:27 0:10:06


Monday 31st October

It was Halloween night and a bit spooky! Nick and Pete had a big sprint finish this evening, but actually I think they were scared and just wanted to get back to the club as soon as possible. It was good for them to clear out the cobwebs though. Alex used his spidery legs to whizz round again in just over 7mins per mile. I think he had been trick or treating earlier and was full of sugar running round at that pace! We also had a new recruit, Gareth, this evening. He ran the GSR with us and has now signed up for 10 sessions via the app. Well done Gareth and a great start too, 8m 23s per mile is very impressive, I am sure you can take a big bite out of that next week. Brooke managed to keep with Gareth for most of the run and that was enough to push Brooke to a new PB with the club too! 8m 32s is his new PB split time and next week the focus has to be beating that 8:30 barrier!!

For Rich too it was a record breaking evening. With Charles again next to him motivating him round, Rich managed to beat his last run to record a new average speed PB of 9m 50s per mile, frightening pace, well done Rich!! Maddie kept with these gents for most of the circuit before accelerating away at the end to finish with an impressive 9m 42s average. Well done Maddie!

Carl was one of the surprise packages of the GSR with a very quick time, and he is now showing it was no fluke as he recorded his 3rd ever fastest average with the club this evening, his 8m 40s average just 11 secs pm off his PB, scary stuff!!

Name 31/10/2016 Speed
Nick C 4.90 00:41:03 00:08:23
Pete 4.90 0:41:08 0:08:24
Alex 4.90 0:34:30 0:07:02
Maddy 4.90 0:47:30 0:09:42
Charles 4.90 0:48:10 0:09:50
Rich 4.90 0:48:10 0:09:50
Carl 4.90 0:42:30 0:08:40
Brooke 4.90 00:41:50 0:08:32
Gareth 4.9 00:41:03 0:08:23

Same routes for next week!

Also book in your diaries a quick night out after Running Club on December 12th for a RC Xmas drink!!

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