Running Club News 3/10/16


Just the 4 runners this morning. Lisa wanted to do the route from the Monday night session, so she set off to run Swanwick Hill. Her Sat Nav on her phone was playing up somewhat, so when she approached the end and hadn’t reach her 7miles so she decided to add in another hill and went down Thornton and up Shore Road. Although her phone said it was 6.5miles, I have calculated it to be 7.2!! Well done Lisa, it is coming on well and you are nearly ready for the GSR!!

Someone who is ready is Joanne, having run 18miles this week she showed no sign of slowing down, although she is stiffening up a tad! Keep Stretching Joanne!! Her 5mile run today was 30seconds quicker than last week, fitter and faster! Awesome.

Nick C is also putting some miles in at the moment. Another 10k added today and in only 52m 54s. A massive 8 seconds quicker than the time before on this route. “Any improvement is an improvement” someone famous never said however.

New routes for the Friday club next week!! Probably shorter to work on speed now with just 3 runs before the GSR!

Name 30/09/2016 Speed
Joanne 5.00 00:54:33 00:10:55
Mark 6.40 00:52:54 00:08:16
Lisa 7.20 01:18:00 00:10:50
Nick 6.40 00:52:54 00:08:16



A great turn out this evening with only 2 more Monday RC sessions to go before the Great South Run!!! A big welcome to Brooke, Cathie and Bina for their first experience of the running club in Warsash. Cathie hasn’t joined for the GSR but in preparation of the Tough Mudder event that NLT has booked in for next May 7th 2017. You can find out more on how to book for this at  Cathie did great on her first outing though. She teamed up with Bina, who was also on her first run with the running club. Together they opted for the 3.8mile route, but somehow got lost in Park Gate and finished having completed a massive 5miles non-stop!! Well done ladies, fantastic performance and a testament to your fitness levels!!

Also new this evening was Brooke, he has already run 10miles in his own time but it was his first run with the club and Swanwick Hill proved a challenge. His time of 8m 40s average was very impressive though, and he will be near the front of the NLT group come the end of the GSR in a few weeks. Carl kept with him for the majority of the route which helped him take nearly 2minutes off last weeks run. Well done Carl.

I decided to run with Gemma this evening. I felt it would be safe running next to those new leggings……no chance of getting run over next to those. They were super quick though!! The view of Brooke and Carl in front coming up Swanwick Hill was enough to spur Gemma on and she nearly caught them coming down Brooke Lane. The added competition meant Gemma average 8m 50s up Swanwick Hill!!!! and overall an average of 8m 48s for the 6.6mile route was very impressive, only 8 seconds per mile outside her PB!!! Well done Gemma!! Awesome.

Well done too to the three rookies from last week. Speedy Alex flew round again effortless. His 8m 20s per mile shaving 5 seconds per mile off last weeks time and pushing Nick C to improve on last week as well. Fantastic Gents! Nick B also improved on last week, finishing almost a whole minute quicker, with an new PB of 8m 23s! Well done!

We have the 10mile route to do on Sunday around Lee-on-Solent (details can be found below) so with this in mind Nina and Rose opted for a shorter, faster run this evening (they also did 8miles yesterday apparently). The tactics worked though as they flew round with an average almost 1 min per mile quicker than last week. #speedy!!

Pete, Charles and Maddie set off together for the 5.2mile route. Enjoying the run so much (or too deep in conversation) Maddie and Pete missed the Barnes Lane turn and ended up at the Ship Inn. For those local enough to know it meant they had to turn around and run back up Swanwick Hill!!! How unfortunate!! (Snigger!) It meant no new PB for Maddie but the hill work will certainly help the fitness levels. I actually think Pete thought he was on one of his pub crawls!! As for Charles he correctly followed the route and had a great run, taking over a minute off last weeks time! Well done guys!!

We did miss Greg this evening, but with so many people taking the wrong turns it almost felt as though he was with us. I am however reliably informed that he has been training, running around the deck on his cruise liner, that was until he got lost. See you soon Greg!

Same route next week for the final time

Name 03/10/2016 Speed
Nick C 6.60 00:55:00 00:08:20
Mark 6.60 00:57:15 00:08:40
Pete 5.40 0:55:00 0:10:11
Nick B 6.60 0:55:20 0:08:23
Alex 6.60 0:55:00 0:08:20
Maddy 5.40 0:55:00 0:10:11
Charles 5.20 0:49:33 0:09:32
Gemma 6.60 0:58:04 0:08:48
Carl 6.60 0:57:31 0:08:43
Nina 3.80 0:43:18 0:11:24
Rose 3.80 0:43:18 0:11:24
Bina 5.00 1:04:40 0:12:56
Brooke 6.60 00:57:10 0:08:40
Cathie 5.00 01:04:40 0:12:56

Don’t forget to book in for the Lee-on-Solent 10mile run on October 9th at 11.45am,. Here is the route for those who want to try it themselves – You can book in now at

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