Running Club News 30/3/15

Well tonight was a bit of a mess. It all started with problems understanding the routes, even though maps were kindly provided by Mike to show the way. Admittedly the routes did seem a tad complicated but once running they were fairly straight forward. Then we had the weird Bermuada triangle thing that went on at the Crofton / Thornton Triangle, everyones sat navs and watches seemed to go faulty at this point so accurate time keeping was a challenge this evening. The third thing was that it rained. Well actually I found it quite refreshing so not actually a problem. Anyway…….

Apart from all the above challenges it was a good run with a great turnout and some great performances. A massive well done to the three new ladies – Hannah, Clare and Lynne. They all improved a massive 10% on last week with an increased distance to 3.1miles of non-stop running!! Fantastic Ladies. Even better was the fact that they also knocked off over 30seconds per mile each from their pace to show they are also running faster now too! Awesome!

Today was the first time on the new routes and as always there was some colourful interpretation of the routes. Sat Nav and Greg paired together, it was always going to go wrong from that point! They managed to add on a little section to the already long route. However, they both completed the bespoke 5.9miles in a very good average! Well done gents! I will look to supply a compass and map each next week! This route, without the detours, was 5.7miles and Mike flew round it in his first experience of the lap in an average of just 6m 53s. This route could produce the best time yet as Mike nearly always takes off 20s per mile as the course becomes familiar, no pressure Mike!! Also running this route were Pete and Charles. Pete had a great run averaging just over 8 mins per mile. Charles, having run at the weekend in the paint run in Pompey took a slight shortcut. The beer cans he was carrying during the run at the weekend had left their mark in more ways than one although his average of 10m 13s was still very respectable.

Sharon ran with Mandy B this evening and between them they had a great time. They ran a slightly shorter route but did it very quick. For Mandy this was a massive Personal Best – 10m 19s per mile, that was nearly a whole minute per mile quicker than last weeks run. Well done Mandy and Sharon, definitely getting fitter!!

We also had the two very determined ladies running together today. Jo and Mandy seemed perfect to pair up – determined, fit and focused, the pair set off on the 4.2mile route and flew past me at Fleet End Round like a whirlwind! Their times of around 8m 50s per mile was Mandys second fastest ever and for Jo it was her best time since October and only 9s per mile off a PB! Well done ladies, I look forward to seeing how this duel continues on this route next week!

Finally, Tom and Mags were back this evening and following a slight pit stop to change some footwear they both pushed on to a good time, albeit on a slightly amended route. Their time of just over 10mins per mile will soon improve with the course knowledge, well done guys!

Same routes next week team. Yes, we are running on Easter Monday……you will be fueled by chocolate so I am expecting some very quick times!!


Name 30/03/2015 Speed
Mark 3.10 00:40:10 00:12:57
Pete 5.70 00:47:27 00:08:19
Mike Y 5.70 00:39:16 00:06:53
Jo F 4.20 00:37:20 00:08:53
Mike H 5.90 00:56:50 00:09:38
Maggie 3.80 00:38:46 00:10:12
Charles 4.70 00:48:03 00:10:13
Clare 3.10 00:40:10 00:12:57
Greg 5.90 00:57:50 00:09:48
Mandy B 3.10 00:32:00 00:10:19
Lynne 3.10 00:44:45 00:14:26
Hannah 3.10 00:44:45 00:14:26
Sharon 3.10 00:32:00 00:10:19
Tom 3.80 00:38:46 00:10:12
Mandy 4.20 00:37:00 00:08:49

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