Running Club News 30/05/11

The Bank Holiday and the wet weather effected the number of runners at this evenings New Life Training Running Club in Warsash. With this the 2nd of the 3 runs on this route those who turned up were determined to improve on their Personal Best (PB) times. Wendy (on just her 2nd run with us!) showed the greatest improvement on the night, taking 2mins 47sec of her run time, thats nealry a minute per mile faster than last week – well done! At the front Pete improved on his excellent run from last week with an average of just 8mins 05secs per mile! You need to get under 8minutes next week Pete!
We also had 6 new runners with us tonight. Firstly a team of 3 (plus Mums) from Locks Heath School who are training for a Biathlon this weekend. Jess, Ella and Georgia all completed their 2.6mile circuit without stopping and in a fast speed of around 10mins 35secs per mile, very quick for young legs. Well done girls and good luck this weekend at your event! Well done also to Nicki who surprised herself with a very quick 3.1miles averaging 10minute miles. Finally, a quick mention to Mike who had his first sub 9 minute mile run this evening, with his fastest mile measuring 8mins 25sec, superb!

Next week is the last attempt at this route and a chance for you all to beat your own PBs!

Name Group Distance Time  Speed
Pete Beginners 4 00:32:23 00:08:06
Bruce Beginners 8 01:10:29 00:08:49
Nicki Beginners 3.1 00:31:05 00:10:02
Morgan Beginners 3.1 00:35:13 00:11:22
Becca Beginners 4 00:36:48 00:09:12
Kelly Beginners 2.6 00:28:25 00:10:56
Ella Beginners 2.6 00:27:29 00:10:34
Georgia Beginners 2.6 00:27:32 00:10:35
Kirsty Beginners 2.6 00:33:17 00:12:48
Jess Beginners 2.6 00:27:48 00:10:42
Wendy Beginners 3.1 00:35:23 00:11:25
Danae Beginners 4 00:36:48 00:09:12
Mike Advanced 4 00:35:34 00:08:54
Sandy Beginners 4 00:37:57 00:09:29
Sharon Beginners 4 00:39:49 00:09:57
Angela Beginners 3.1 00:34:38 00:11:10

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