Running Club News 29/1/18

Friday January 26th 2018

We had a guest appearance from Carl at this mornings Running Club, I think he managed to blag a day off work and used it to come for a run. He clearly has his priorities right!! He put in a good performance too, smashing the 5.2mile route in under 50 minutes and acting as a pace setter for Jo who wanted to get in under the 10mins per mile mark!! Well done the pair of you. Nick B also ran with them, making it a very social run for the first 4 miles, before a burst of pace took him to nearly a minute ahead by the end of the run, well done Nick!

Monday January 29th

Having done so well with the route on Friday Jo was back for more this evening and took a huge 77 seconds off of her time, a very good improvement in just 3 days, well done Jo! Jo was part of a group that set out together – Carl, Charles, Jo, Lisa and Rich made a very sociable group. Well it was for the first mile until they ran out of breath. The group broke up towards the end of the run, with Rich managing to keep with Jo to record a week on week improvement of nearly 30 seconds. Carl had a massive 3 minute improvement from Fridays jaunt, with Charles and Lisa finishing just outside last weeks times. Well done team!! There was another social group this evening with Sharon, Lydia, Nina and Cat all setting off together, however a combination of shin splints, too much gossip to catch up with, and planning for a ALTRA MARATHON reduced 3 of them to a walk come the end of the run. Sharon kept going though to record a very good time, well done!

Running this route for the first time this evening were Sarah and Mike, Sarah had a great run keeping close to her consistent 8mins per mile. As for Mike, he set off like the rocket of old, a blur straight from the start!! His time reflected it too as he didn’t slow down for the whole run. He finished in an amazing 7m37s per mile, his fastest time since June 2016!!! Well done Mike, it is great to see you back flying with us again! STOP THE PRESS however, as Mike didn’t actually finish first. He was passed at the Silver Fern by young whippet Aaron, running with the Running Club for the first time, he tore up the 5.2miles in an amazing average of just 7m 35s per mile. He was only here this evening as his older brother, Owen, couldn’t make and Mum, Karen, wanted to bring someone along. Well, he has just surpassed his big brother, setting a Personal best time 8 seconds per mile faster than Owen…….Lets see next week if the brothers are at all competitive shall we??? Well done to Karen too, She kept up with Mike and Aaron for the most part and finished with a Personal Best herself, a fantastic 7m 41s per mile, well done Karen!!

Last week on these routes next week and a chance for some quick times!!


Name 29/01/2018 Speed
Mike 5.20 39:40.0 07:37.7
Mark 5.20 51:42.0 09:56.5
Jo F 5.20 48:31.0 09:19.8
Charles 5.20 50:10.0 09:38.8
Rich 5.20 48:31.0 09:19.8
Carl 5.20 0:46:12 08:53.1
Sharon 4.10 42:10.0 10:17.1
Sarah 5.2 42:17.0 08:07.9
Lisa 5.2 51:36.0 09:55.4
Karen 5.2 39:59.0 07:41.3
Aaron 5.2 39:30.0 07:35.8




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