Running Club News 28/9/15

Two lots of running club news to catch up on this evening. We have the Friday run and this evenings Monday run to discuss which sandwiched the 1st Tough Mudder event that New Life Training have entered. As you would expect the Friday group was fairly low key with 3 of the participants preparing themselves for the grueling 12mile assault course that would follow on the Sunday. It was a very enjoyable run however, with everyone staying together socially until the end of the run. It was Theresa who broke free from the pack first. Sensing that it was going to be a good time, she put her foot down and sped away. It was a great decision as she achieved yet another Personal Best average. Her 8m53s per mile took 4 seconds off her previous PB and she is looking very ready for this years Great South Run now! The rest of the group pretty much finished together with Sue and Sharon closely followed by Alistair. It was only Greg who completed the longer route of 5.5miles this week. He did so very well, a very quick 9m 05s average around a 5.5mile circuit was exceptionally fast! His 2nd fastest ever!! Well done Greg!

The Tough Mudder event was fantastic, with the 12mile route and 26 obstacles completed by the team in 3h 40m!! Well done Team! You can check out the photos on the New Life Personal Training Facebook page!

As you would expect there were very few at Monday nights running club as many of the regulars rested their limbs after the previous days Tough Mudder. It was the last attempt on this course and so a chance to put some good times in! Dawn who had run 3.5miles for the first time ever last week had the run of the evening. She completed the 3.5mile route again non-stop! But took an amazing 5minutes 23seconds off her time to record her fastest run as well as her longest!! Her 11m 23s was a brilliant average for only her 4th run with the club! Well done Dawn!!

Greg also had a great run, building on the superb run he did on Friday he again showed he is still improving by shaving a second off his split time to record his second ever fastest run with the club, just 9m 4s per mile and I reckon that PB and the 9mins per mile will be broken in the next couple of weeks.

Pete, Theresa and Sharon then all came in completing the run very close together. Pete hitting the 9mins per mile dead-on quickly followed by Theresa and then Sharon. No PBs, but some very fast and consistent times, Well done!!

Mike took on the 6.5miles for the last time, still struggling with a niggily injury he made it round and finished strong with a 7m27s average, well done Mike!

Next week we are looking to do a Handicap run!! See you then!


Name 25/09/2015 Speed
Mark 3.80 00:33:58 00:08:56
Sue 3.80 00:34:20 00:09:02
Theresa 3.80 00:33:45 00:08:53
Alistair 3.80 00:34:35 00:09:06
Greg 5.50 00:49:57 00:09:05
Sharon 3.80 00:34:20 00:09:02



Name 28/09/2015 Speed
Mark 3.50 00:39:51 00:11:23
Pete 5.00 00:45:00 00:09:00
Mike Y 6.50 00:48:26 00:07:27
Theresa 5.00 00:45:10 00:09:02
Greg 5.00 00:45:20 00:09:04
Sharon 5.00 00:45:50 00:09:10
Dawn 3.5 00:39:51 00:11:23



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