Running Club News 28/11/16

Friday November 25th

Just the three of us this morning, so we set off together in a perfect brisk sunny morning. Last week it was Lisa who sped away, leaving Greg and I for dust. This week it was role reversal as Greg Sprinted away to have one of his best runs for a while. Lisa would like to point out that she had several obstacles to overcome which slowed her down – A mobility scooter, a removal van moving a settee, traffic and not being allowed a short cut all slowed her down apparently!!!

Name 25/11/2016 Speed
Greg 5.90 00:56:58 00:09:39
Mark 5.90 00:57:43 00:09:47
Lisa 5.90 00:58:09 00:09:51


Monday 28th November

OMG!!!! How chuffing cold was it this evening!!! The forecast was for minus 6 inland tonight, so what did we do?….we ran inland!!! There were some great looks this evening, everyone had their running tights out for the first time, although I thought Charles’ stockings were a little too formal! The only person without tights this evening was the only girl running, Maddie who opted for 3/4 lengths as it would make her run faster to keep warm!! We all partnered up this evening, some said it was to share bodily warmth but it was more about safety really. Maddie paired with Charles, and somewhere on the lap they managed to pick up his mojo!! Having run over 11mins per mile average in the last two weeks, Charles managed a 10 min per mile lap this evening. Well done Maddie for pushing him!!!

Nick C launched himself to the front at the start of the run, silly really when Alex is around. Alex kept with him for a couple of miles then changed gear, and completed the last part of the run in a stupidly quick time to average just 6m 39s per mile. Nick tried to keep with him for all of about 3 seconds, then realised it was silly attempting and kept his pace to finish in a fantastic sub 8mins per mile!!! Well done Gents.

Nick B was back this evening and ran with work colleague Gareth. They chatted all the way round, very social run I thought until I saw their time!! How can you chat all the way round and still run at 8m 40s?? Must be those new trainers Gareth, Energy returning are they??

Completing the runners this evening in the parings was Carl and I. A fantastic run from Carl this evening, taking over 2minutes off last weeks attempt and a great sub 9min average!! Awesome!!

New routes next week team!!

Also, quick reminder that the running club will be having Xmas drinks at the Silver Fern on Monday 12th after the run!!

Name 28/11/2016 Speed
Nick C 5.30 42:00.0 07:55.5
Mark 5.30 47:18.0 08:55.5
Nick B 5.30 46:00.0 08:40.8
Alex 5.30 35:17.0 06:39.4
Maddy 5.30 53:18.0 10:03.4
Charles 5.30 53:18.0 10:03.4
Carl 5.30 47:00.0 08:52.1
Gareth 5.3 46:28.0 08:46.0




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