Running Club News 27/6/16

Monday 27th June

The football was a distraction this evening which brought the attendance down for the running club, I bet you all wish you had run now instead!

Anyway, it was the 1st week of the new routes this evening and some great performances. A big welcome to Nadine, who attended her first session with us and managed a fantastic 12m30s non-stop running the furthest she has achieved in over 5 years. She has entered the Great South Run and is determined to run the route non-stop! We will get you there Nadine, great start. Well done also to Sue, her third session this evening and her third personal best time so far. Her 12m 09s per mile eclipsed last week by 18 seconds. Well done Sue, under 12mins per mile next week please!

Charlie had another great run this evening, her 2nd fastest ever and this after completing the Southampton Airport 5k run yesterday at 6am!! Her first ever competitive run,  Well done Charlie!

There was a bit of competition in the 4.1mile route. Gemma used some cunning tactics this evening. She let everyone set off first then chased them down! She passed Leyon on Brook Lane, he had just told Carl he was tired, but as Gemma past him, he found his 2nd wind and chased her all the way home. He thought he had beaten her, but as she started after Leyon her time was faster, infact the race to the finish helped Gemma achieve a new PB with the running club, Well done Gemma, and well done Leyon for not letting her get away! Carl kept up too, finishing just 36seconds behind in his first sub-9minute average since February! This shows he is getting his fitness back now, well done Carl!

Warsash was a little disappointed this evening, there was no loud music to serenade the runners, as Nina remembered to plug her headphones in this week and not broadcast her rave!!! The music must have worked though as she produced her fastest run since February as well, awesome Nina!! She also had Sharon and Rose to thank as the three of them ran very close together all finishing within 15seconds of each other. Clearly motivating each other round!

Finally Greg found some good form this evening. He was the only one brave enough to complete the longer 5.5mile route. He had some form on this lap though as he ran it on Friday, but this evening was much improved, as he took 93 seconds off his time. Well done Greg!

Same routes next week. I will also catch up on Fridays running news later.

Name 27/06/2016 Speed
Mark 2.00 0:32:30 0:16:15
Greg 5.50 0:53:17 0:09:41
Gemma 4.10 0:35:34 0:08:40
Carl 4.10 0:36:21 0:08:52
Nina 3.40 0:38:44 0:11:24
Sharon 3.40 0:38:42 0:11:23
Rose 3.40 0:38:36 0:11:21
Leyon 4.10 0:35:45 0:08:43
Charli 2.9 0:29:46 0:10:16
Sue H 2.2 0:26:43 0:12:09
Nadine 2 0:32:30 0:16:15



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