Running Club News 26/8/13

A bank holiday special last night in the glorious sunshine. It was decided as it was a Bank holiday we would do a special route following the coastline around Warsash beach and through the countryside. It was a fantastic run, although tough on the legs while running on the beach pebbles.

A great turnout as well as everyone has slowly started to return from holidays. Juliette joined the running club this evening in preparation for the Great South Run. She partnered up with Bruce and they pushed each other round to a great average time of under 10mins per mile, well done! Greg started a little fast, unknowing of the route ahead, but he stayed focused and completed the route without stopping and in a good average of just under 11mins per mile. Out front, Sandy and Alistair set the pace. Sandy had a storming run, following up from the 8 miles he did on Saturday he found the route perfect for his training to climb Kilimanjaro. Sandy just pipped Alistair who seems to be getting faster and faster at the moment. Charles has thankfully recovered from last weeks incident and put in a great lap time again just outside his PB, this is very impressive given the terrain!

Well done to all the runners! New routes next week and back training for the GSR!!!


Name 26/08/2013 Speed
Bruce 3.80 00:37:50 00:09:57
Mark 3.80 00:41:38 00:10:57
Sandy S 3.80 00:34:51 00:09:10
Juliette 3.80 00:37:49 00:09:57
Charles 3.80 00:36:17 00:09:33
Alistair 3.80 00:35:56 00:09:27
Greg 3.80 00:41:38 00:10:57

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