Running Club News 26/3/18

Monday 26th 2018

The clocks went back and the sun came out and so did half of Warsash this evening to join the running club on our new routes. It was great to see so many people back to the club. Although I think the hour difference for some people really threw their body-clocks out a little. Sues, running with Lou, said she felt like she was towing a caravan, and then added a horse box half way round! Carl found it tough and Sarah felt her knees after the 1st mile. Lisa forgot to bring her mojo with her and Rich felt his lungs were on fire! Just goes to show what a couple of weeks off can do. But it is great that you are all back – up and running – as they say.

Charles had just woken up as he arrived for running club, he had returned from a Caribbean cruise just this morning and was sporting a very deep tan, and 7 extra lbs of good living!! The handicap didn’t slow him down though and he set off with Lisa and Rich. Lisa had run a fast Park Run on Saturday and her legs knew it, Rich hadn’t run for weeks and he knew it too. Lisa bailed out of the 4.9mile route, taking the downhill version back to the club for 4miles and a good time. Rich on noticing Lisa bail, decided, with Charles to take a little short cut. It worked as they finished in sub 10mins per mile, but hopefully guys you can build up now to the extra 0.2miles for next week.

It was great to see Cat back this evening, she teamed up with Nina and ran the tough 4miles in 1 second per mile quicker than her last run with the club 3 weeks ago, just to show she hasn’t lost any of her fitness. Well done! Nina had a great run too, but was more chuffed about winning her “ENJOY FRED” T-shirt along with Carl for running everyday in February, Awesome Guys!

Karen was back this evening running with just the 1 son – Owen! Both of them smashed the 8mins per mile barrier and were only separated at the finish by a sprint finish from Mike, who was clearly back on form tonight with a 7m57s split time! Well done the three of you for finishing a tough 6ish miler. The only other person to complete the longer run this evening was Sarah. She is training for the Southampton Half Marathon and is going from 0miles to 13 in a very short time. She needed a bit of motivating at Fridays running club but she smashed nearly 6miles on her own this evening and deserves all the help she can get in raising money for the Autism Hampshire. Please check out her just giving page to find out why she is supporting this charity and help her out –

For Sues and Lou it was there first run for 5 weeks, although they have been busy with the Personal Training at the club. The fitness work they have been doing did show though as Lou finished just 10seconds per mile off her PB this evening on a significantly harder route. Well done Ladies, I hope to see you both back next week. It was also great to see Mrs Motivator, Sharon, back running this evening. She has been missed!! She completed the 4miles in style and this was after walking (we reckon) 10miles today ferrying her grandchildren around!! Well done Sharon, superfit!!

Same routes next week team

Name 26/03/2018 Speed
Mike 5.7 00:45:18 00:07:57
Mark 4.0 00:38:16 00:09:34
Charles 4.7 0:46:16 0:09:51
Rich 4.7 0:46:16 0:09:51
Carl 4.9 0:42:15 0:08:37
Nina 4.0 0:43:17 0:10:49
Sharon 4.0 0:39:20 0:09:50
Sarah 5.7 00:55:31 0:09:44
Sarah P 4.9 00:38:38 0:07:53
Lisa 4.0 00:39:01 0:09:45
Cat 4.0 00:43:17 0:10:49
Lou 4.0 00:41:30 0:10:22
Karen 5.7 00:45:17 0:07:57
Owen 5.7 00:44:35 0:07:49
Sues 4.0 00:41:30 0:10:22






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