Running Club News 26/2/18

Monday 26th February 2018

With the “Beast from the East” descending on the country and temperatures dropping in to the minus figures very quickly I wasn’t expecting a big turn out this evening. I was pleasantly surprised however as the runners turned up to try and put in one last fast run on these routes before they are changed next week. I think the cold weather helped too as not many of the runners wanted to be out there too long, and so they pushed harder to keep warm!

Most people were well prepared, Jo came with plenty of layers. The first layer was stripped off as soon as the Jolly Farmer, I thought it may be an interesting run to keep with Jo, until she told me she had 20 layers on! Layers 3, 4, 5 and 6 were all discarded over the fence as she passed her house on the route. Who knows where layers 6 to 12 went!!?? She had a great run though, aided and motivated round by Carl, who kept her going and stripping! The pair of them finished in a good time too, their 9m26s split time was Carl’s fastest on this route and Jo’s 2nd quickest of the year so far. Well done guys.

Sarah was back for her 2nd run with the club this evening. In the pre-run briefing, she said she would stick with Jo and Carl. So it was a big surprise when she sprinted off leaving everyone behind chasing her. She has certainly been training hard in between runs and even having suffered with a burst stomach ulcer at the weekend she still smashed it today to set a new PB with the club of 9mins per mile, excellent and well done Sarah! The super fast Spicer family were hot on the heels of Sarah as she set off like a rocket. She certainly set a great first mile pace. The two brothers just kept speeding up though, and the pair of them tore up the course to record their quickest times with the club. Aaron came in first with an amazing 7m 02s per mile average with his Brother, Owen, clocking his PB at 7m18s. Well done boys! Sandwiched in between them at the finish line was Pete, his 7m 10s average was also a Personal Best for him at the running club. Determined to not get beaten by both the young boys, Pete pushed hard and deserved his 2nd place. The boys mum, Karen, always keen to keep her eye on her boys, also had to put in a top performance this evening to keep in sight of them. Karen’s 7m40s average was just outside her PB, but still amazingly and 3 minutes quicker than last weeks run. Next to finish was Mike, he had a superb 1st and last mile, and shows real signs of returning to his best form soon. This was his fastest run on this route, to show steady improvement that will keep the young boys and Pete on their toes!

Nina is still doing amazing, having run every single day in February so far, she has just 2 days to go after this evenings performance. She teamed up with Lydia for this evenings run and pushed hard to beat last weeks times and add another 4.3miles to her ever growing list of runs completed this month. The music blaring out from her phone may have helped too. Well done Ladies!!

Well done also to Nick, who ran again with the club this evening, on his return from injury, no time recorded but another completed run to grow the confidence and rehabilitation. Well done also to Lisa, who returned from a cruise yesterday and could have taken the easy option to stay in the warm, but with cream tea’s, copious amounts of  prossecco and 2 breakfasts (per day!) to work off she did well to complete the 4.3miles in a good time.

Well done to you all. New routes next week!

Name 26/02/2018 Speed
Mike 5.70 46:35.0 08:10.4
Mark 2.40 23:04.0 09:36.7
Jo F 5.70 53:48.0 09:26.3
Carl 5.70 0:53:48 09:26.3
Nina 4.30 0:46:50 10:53.5
Lydia 4.3 46:50.0 10:53.5
Sarah 5.7 51:19.0 09:00.2
Sarah P 4.3 34:10.0 07:56.7
Pete P 5.7 40:51.0 07:10.0
Lisa 4.3 41:53.0 09:44.4
Karen 5.7 43:43.0 07:40.2
Owen 5.7 41:40.0 07:18.6
Aaron 5.7 40:10.0 07:02.8





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