Running Club News 25/4/11

We had an Easter Surprise Special for the run in Warsash this evening. There were two surprises, firstly we had a longer run for all groups – further than many had ever run before; secondly, they had an easter egg prize as an incentive to complete the course. An incentive that clearly worked!!

A massive well done to all the beginners, they all thought they had run 4 miles, however on the recount it is actually 4.3m. Massive well done to all who completed the course without stopping to complete their furthest ever run, especially to Liam, who 4 weeks ago couldnt manage 0.5miles, to Tre who did it in less than 12mins/mile and to Brian who just gets faster and faster! There were some alternative routes taken this evening and some fast times. Well done to Lorna and Fiona who won the race! and ran their furthest distances and to Sally and Mel F who completed their first runs with the running club in very impressive times…..we will be watching you two ladies for some quick laps in weeks to come!! A special mention also to Angela who beat 12mins per mile after 2 Boot Camps and 2 Runs in the last 3 days and not a charity in sight! Well done to all this evening!

The intermediates also went alot further than usual to burn off some chocolate. They didn’t disappoint with everyone completing their personal best speeds on a longer distance! Awesome! Danae was extremely impressive pushing herself to 202 on her heart rate monitor at one point in her goal to beat 9 1/2 mins per mile! Fantastic. Bex and Bruce pushed each other all the way round to complete the 5.35miles in sub 9minutes per mile!! You may need to revise your GSR goals guys!!! Well done also to Sandy and Rachel who pushed all the way round in hot conditions to achieve their PBs as well!

The running club is on again next week, normal times. Find out more about the Enjoy Fitness Running Club

Name Group Distance Time Speed
Fiona Beginners 2.3 00:31:15 00:13:35
Lorna Beginners 2.3 00:32:04 00:13:57
Sharon Beginners 3.5 00:37:22 00:10:41
Brian Beginners 3.5 00:37:25 00:10:41
Sian Beginners 3.45 00:43:10 00:12:31
Mel F Beginners 3.45 00:43:10 00:12:31
Liam Beginners 4.3 00:45:35 00:10:36
Sally Beginners 4.3 00:45:55 00:10:41
Mel W Beginners 4.3 00:47:45 00:11:06
Tre Beginners 4.3 00:47:45 00:11:06
Angela Beginners 4.3 00:49:45 00:11:34
Sandy Intermediates 5.35 00:52:23 00:09:47
Bex Intermediates 5.35 00:48:02 00:08:59
Bruce Intermediates 5.35 00:48:02 00:08:59
Danae Intermediates 5.35 00:50:29 00:09:26
Rachel Intermediates 5.35 00:50:29 00:09:26

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