Running Club News 25/3/13

The cold weather returned and for many the wind chill was too much to venture outside. For the 7 who turned up to run this evening well done!!! The lack of numbers and weather prevented the group undertaking the “Energy Systems Training” planned for this evening, so instead the hilly route from last week was voted in. Unfortunately the weather played havoc and the cold getting in to the joints meant only 4 of the 7 completed the route. Well done though to Mark, Kate and Kyle I hope you get better soon. For those who completed the hills there were some very good performances. Mike and Paul were just 14seconds and 6seconds away from their course bests even in these worse conditions. Ali was also only just outside her average speed by 2seconds per mile having had to stop briefly and then take a detour! Well done Ali. Jack was back as well and he flew round the course, good to see you back Jack!

Well done to all the runners for attending, new routes next week!!

Name 25/03/2013 Time 3 Speed
Paul N 4.40 00:40:11 00:09:08
Mike 4.40 00:40:28 00:09:12
Jack 4.40 00:36:13 00:08:14
Ali 3.80 00:41:59 00:11:03

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