Running Club News 23/5/11

New routes were awaiting tonights runners with New Life Training Running Club in Warsash. The beginners group had a choice of 3.25miles or 4.1miles on a fairly flat route this week. The route seemed easier compared to the previous three weeks and the times certainly reflected that! The biggest improvement was from Morgan who took over 2 mins off her speed going from 12.32mins per mile to 10.37, awesome!!! Morgans Dad also saw a marked improvement increasing his speed by over 1 min per mile compared to last week. The fastest lap tonight though went to Pete with an average speed of 8min 11secs per mile, closely followed by an average of 8mins 44secs from Bruce who completed this average over two circuits of the route – a total of 8.2miles, well done Bruce! Behind these two lads came a group of ladies just over the 9min per mile speed. A big push next week could see Becca, Danae, Sam and Kirsty clock under 9minute miles – a big step forward! A big well done also to Tre, Sian and new edition – Wendy, who all completed the route without stopping and in an excellent pace of under 12 minutes per mile. A quick mention to Mike as well, who moaned about his knee injury before he started, then went on to win the Advanced groups run, the psychology really worked!!! Well done to all, same routes next week and a chance to beat your times!

Name Group Distance Time  Speed
Pete Beginners 4.1 00:33:34 00:08:11
Bruce Beginners 8.2 01:11:35 00:08:44
Sally Beginners 3.25 00:32:55 00:10:08
Morgan Beginners 3.25 00:34:30 00:10:37
Becca Beginners 4.1 00:38:00 00:09:16
Julie Beginners 3.25 00:33:15 00:10:14
Sian Beginners 3.25 00:38:17 00:11:47
Paul Beginners 4.1 00:39:21 00:09:36
Tre Beginners 3.25 00:38:17 00:11:47
Wendy Beginners 3.25 00:38:10 00:11:45
Liam Beginners 3.25 00:36:05 00:11:06
Danae Beginners 4.1 00:37:33 00:09:10
Sam Beginners 4.1 00:37:30 00:09:09
Mike Advanced 4.1 00:37:08 00:09:03
Mark Advanced 4.1 00:37:08 00:09:03
Sandy Advanced 4.1 00:38:12 00:09:19
Kirsty Advanced 4.1 00:38:12 00:09:19

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