Running Club News 20/2/17

Friday 17th February

Jo has run this route a few times now, so we agreed for today she could do the route in reverse order. It proved quite motivating as she passed Rich and I on a couple of occasions for “high-fives” as we passed in opposite directions. It proved helpful as Jo smashed her previous best on this route and delivered her fastest run of the year, well done Jo! Rich had a good run, we had agreed to do the same route as last week, but a faux pas by myself meant we went on a detour and ended up doing 3.7miles, So Rich ran further (0.5miles) and faster than last weeks run to set a new PB! Well done Rich! Need to book that Great South Run now!!

Name 17/02/2017 Speed
Mark 3.70 32:00.0 08:38.9
Jo F 5.90 53:53.0 09:08.0
Rich 3.7 32:00.0 08:38.9


Monday 20th February

It was the last time on these routes this evening and a chance to put in a good time. However for a few people it was there first attempt on this run. Greg was back from his holiday and although suffering from a bad leg he put it in a great performance. He, of course, did what Greg does best and took a detour from the advertised route. He still completed 4.5miles and a great 1st run back. Well done Greg!! Also back this evening was Lydia, back with a new found focus for running she has also got a new found running buddy in Mandy! The pair of them tour up the 3.2mile route in a very quick time, Lydia’s 2nd fastest ever!! Well done ladies, and welcome back! Rose also joined the two ladies initially before putting in a sprint finish to try and work off her mini-cruise from this week. Carl was also focused on removing some cruise calories and his fast 5.9miles would certainly have burnt a few off! Good time too Carl, well done! It was also Charles’ first run on this route, he teamed up with Rich and the pair of them had a great run, finishing with a 9m 38s ave! Awesome!

Gemma had a good run this evening, made all the more impressive as she had completed a 14mile run just yesterday, the furthest she has ever run. Her legs were a bit heavy this evening but with the brightest leggings ever they felt well enough to impress with a 9m 36s average on a 5.9mile route. Fantastic!

Also running well this evening was Pete, he ran on his own for the majority of the run, until he came within visibility of Brooke. Pete but his foot down and was catching Brooke along Church Road, but Brooke was able to muster up some energy, even after his Personal training session this morning, and finished strongly with a sub – 9 min per mile average! Well done gents!

New routes next week!

Name 20/02/2017 Speed
Mark 4.70 42:04.0 08:57.0
Pete 4.70 42:16.0 08:59.6
Mandy B 3.20 37:55.0 11:50.9
Charles 4.70 45:18.0 09:38.3
Rich 4.70 45:18.0 09:38.3
Greg 4.50 46:41.0 10:22.4
Gemma 5.90 56:39.0 09:36.1
Carl 5.90 55:32.0 09:24.7
Rose 3.20 34:55.0 10:54.7
Brooke 4.70 42:04.0 08:57.0
Lydia 3.20 37:55.0 11:50.9




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