Running Club News – Victoria Park 10k

New Life Training Running Club completed their first 10k race on Sunday at the Victoria Country Park, Netley. It was a great day out with all 8 participants putting in a fantastic performance. Well done to all who participated, there is another chance for the rest of you to challenge yourself in a race. I have a choice of 3 races coming up. I will organise the most popular race selected. Please e-mail your preference to The choices are –

June 26th Lordshill, Southampton 10k
June 26th Blandford Bridges 10k
July 3rd Tadley 10k

Once the race is selected I will organise the logistics.

A big thank you also to all the support that came along – to Jenny for carrying the bags and taking the photos, to Neil for taking the team photo, and to Kirsty and Sharons families who came along to cheer us through the finish! Many thanks for all your support it was most welcomed.

You can check out more photos from the day, cut and paste the link in to your browser –

Finally the times,

Mark 45m 42s
Kirsty 59m 02s
Mike 59m 20s
Sharon 60m 01s
Sandy 60m 00s
Julie 69m 00s
Becca 69m 00s
Angela 70m 00s

You can check out your place in the race at

Well done to you all!!


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