Running Club News 19/9/16

Friday 16th September

A fantastic turn out for the Friday club this morning with 8 of the 9 runners keen to aid their preparation for the Great South Run, now just 5 weeks away! Jo was back today and ran with Lindsay, also back to the club after a break. The two ladies opted for the short route wisely after being away, and they finished in 10mins per mile average, thats 100mins for this years GSR ladies. I am sure you will be happy with that. Jo was also aided in the early stages by Chester who sang to her from his push-chair as Gemma raced round the longer 6.5mile route. Her 10m 24s per mile very impressive whilst pushing Chester around.

Joanne had a bit of a detour off route when she lost the team, however it worked in her favour as she completed one of her longest routes in one of her quickest times with the club. Joanne is hitting form just at the right time for the GSR now. With her average for 5.6miles this week she would finish the GSR in just 95mins!!! Also hitting form at the right time is Lisa, her forth week with the club and with Sharon at close hand supporting her it was Lisa’s forth week of improvement as she upped her miles to over 5 and dropped her time to near 10mins per mile. That 100mins GSR is looking more and more achievable!! Well done!

Greg had a fantastic run today too, a cooler day helped as he completed the 5.1mile route in one of the quickest averages of the day – 9m 31s per mile. 93 mins for the GSR Greg?? Nick moved his normal Monday evening run to the Friday club this week and it worked for him as he completed a 10k in just 53mins, his 3rd run of the week and a good pace to show he is ready for the GSR!

Charlie also completed this route a day or so later, but it was such a good performance that I included it in here. One of her fastest ever runs on a route that long and an average that could lead to a 100min GSR!!

Well done team, it looks as though the training plan is coming together at the right time for the Great South Run, everyone is putting in some fantastic performances! Keep it up!

Same route next week for the last time.

Name 16/09/2016 Speed
Gemma 6.40 01:06:34 00:10:24
Joanne 5.60 00:54:54 00:09:48
Sharon 5.10 00:52:47 00:10:21
Lindsay 3.50 00:35:01 00:10:00
Greg 5.10 00:48:32 00:09:31
Mark 6.40 00:53:06 00:08:18
Jo 3.50 0:35:01 0:10:00
Charlie 5.00 00:53:23 00:10:41
Lisa 5.10 00:52:47 00:10:21
Nick 6.40 00:53:06 00:08:18


Monday 19th September

It was the last week on these routes and a chance for some quick laps!!

Gemma set off looking for a good time, she wanted to finish in under 9mins per mile average as part of her preparation for the GSR. She did it too, finishing with a very fast 8m20s average in the last mile and a half. This left her with 8m 56s per mile average plus a bit of travel sickness apparently (she was going too fast!). Carl did really well to keep close to her, he almost caught up on the last mile and only finished 30seconds behind. This is an amazing achievement considering that Carl completed a Dualathlon yesterday (Run – Bike – Run) and was pretty knackered. Leyon and Nina also participated in yesterdays Dualathon event and were using this evenings run to get their legs going again and remove some lactic acid. Nina did fantastic to get round the 3.5mile route so quick and Leyon’s legs finally felt like his own again after 3 miles, allowing him to speed up for the last 2 for a very respectable average 9m 50s.

Jo is still letting herself back in gently and assisted by Sharon she completed the 3.5 mile route in a decent 10mins average, well done ladies. Jo and Albe were also on the shorter route, but Albe wasn’t feeling great this evening and their run was cut short. I think Albe may be a fair weather runner?

Star of the day though was Greg, the only person brave enough to run the longer 6.1mile route and he did it 4minutes quicker than last week. Well done Greg, it is all coming together at the right time.

New routes next week team

Dont forget to book in for the Lee-on-Solent 10mile run on October 9th at 11.45am,. Here is the route for those who want to try it themselves –

Name 19/09/2016 Speed
Mark 4.70 42:02.0 08:56.6
Jo F 3.50 35:03.0 10:00.9
Greg 6.10 1:02:00 10:09.8
Gemma 4.70 41:58.0 08:55.7
Carl 4.70 42:35.0 09:03.6
Nina 3.5 40:00.0 11:25.7
Sharon 3.50 35:03.0 10:00.9
Leyon 4.70 46:15.0 09:50.4




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