Running Club News 19/8

This evening was the last chance for the runners to show what they can do on the last run of this route. New routes next week as we move up a gear towards the Great South Run. The team didn’t disappoint either!

Paul was back from holiday and completing the route he completed in his first run with the running club this time last year. He was unable to complete the route last year without walking but this year he flew round in an average of just over 9min miles! A massive 40secs per mile quicker than last year!

Also flying this evening was Alistair, having invested in a Garmin he used it to set a pace that broke all his previous records!! In his best run ever with the running club he clocked a brilliant 8m 50s per mile. Well done Alistair, fantastic!!

Charles also hit the route hard! Unfortunately he did it literally as he had a fall on the way round. Had he not done this he would have smashed his Personal Best, as he finished the run just 4secs per mile away from his record!

Finally, Kate chose to increase her distance from last week, upping the route from 3.1miles to 4.1miles. It didnt make any difference as she stormed the longer route averaging exactly 10mins per mile! Fantastic!!!

Well done team! New challenge next week!


Name 19/8/ Speed
Paul N 4.10 00:37:17 00:09:06
Mark 4.10 00:41:03 00:10:01
Kate 4.10 00:41:01 00:10:00
Charles 4.10 00:38:41 00:09:26
Alistair 4.10 00:36:11 00:08:50

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