Running Club News 19/10

With the Great South Run just 6 days away many people were resting this week . At this stage you need to weigh up the benefit versus injury risk , and with so many injuries recently most people took the sensible option and stayed in the warm, including me! Unfortunately for Mike, he picked up another muscle injury on the way round and couldn’t complete the course, luckily enough he wasn’t booked in for the GSR!

For those who did run a big thank you to Sharon who stepped in at the last minute to cover for me. She ran with Dawn and helped her round the 3.8mile course. Dawn started a bit too fast but with Sharons coaching she managed to catch her oxygen levels back up and finished with another Personal Best average of 10:39 per mile that’s a huge 24seconds per mile quicker than her previous PB! Well done Dawn and Sharon!

Jo and Alistair ran together to start, they chose the longer 5.1mile route and finished in impressive times. Jo just accelerating away down Brook Lane to finish about a minute ahead. Well done guys!!

We have a run this Friday, the last before the GSR. 9.15am at Enjoy Fitness Studio.

Name 19/10/2015 Speed
Jo F 5.10 00:48:03 00:09:25
Alistair 5.10 00:49:17 00:09:40
Sharon 3.80 00:40:30 00:10:39
Dawn 3.8 00:40:30 00:10:39

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