Running Club News 1/8/16

Friday 27th July

Some great performances this morning. Firstly, Sharon ran with Lydia, motivating her round. The result was Lydia’s fastest run on a Friday so far, taking 1m 37s per mile off her pace from last week. She was only 6 seconds off her running club PB she set at last mondays running club. You can really see some signifcant improvements with Lydia at the moment, keep it up and well done to Sharon for pushing her all the way round!!

Lindsay had a great run too. She was trying some different techniques this morning and for the final half mile it all clicked and she flew down Brook Lane like a missile!! and she thoroughly enjoyed the new style!!

Greg too had a great run this morning. On his own today, he flew round the longer 4.3 mile circuit in over 30seconds per mile faster than last week! Well done Greg!!

New routes next week!!

Name 29/07/2016 Speed
Sharon 3.40 00:38:00 00:11:11
Lindsay 3.40 00:36:16 00:10:40
Greg 4.30 00:42:00 00:09:46
Mark 3.40 00:36:16 00:10:40
Lydia 3.40 00:38:00 00:11:11


Monday 1st August

Well, August the 1st, the height of summer and it chucked it down with rain. #soaked! It was clear there are some fair weather runners out there, as numbers twiddled from last weeks turn out. Even Albe, the Labrador looked a little unsure running out in the rain. He made it round though, after a little encouragement, to earn himself a full rub down and treat!! Maybe I should introduce that to all the runners….thoughts?? Well done to Jo too, who kept up with Albe or was it Albe keeping up with Jo?

Greg had a great run this evening, and he even admitted to feeling good after, I think a better pace at the beginning of the run helped as he completed the longer 5.8miles in style.

Also running the longer route this evening were the stubbington twins!!! Charles and Gemma turned up in the same t-shirts, a finishers prize from last years Stubbington 10k, to make it worse they ran together!! They did put in a good time however, trying to run fast to minimise too many people seeing them with the clashing tops!

Leyon and Carl opted for the middle distance this evening. Leyon had some coaching on his technique and found a whole new way to run. He certainly has the potential to run very fast, so watch this space over the coming weeks!! Carl found himself in a time warp, running through a black hole to achieve a quicker time than Leyon, although he finished behind him. The watch doesn’t lie though! Well done Gents! Their respective partners also had a great run this evening, both have enrolled on the Great South Run and started their preparation in earnest this evening. It was a good start too as they whizzed round the 2.6mile route in under 11mins per mile.  Awesome!!

Finally, Nick was making his last appearance for a few weeks as he goes away, but a great way to finish for a while. He flew round the 4.2mile route in his 2nd fastest ever pace with the running club and his fastest since April 2015!!! Fantastic Nick, well done!! Keep it going now while you are away, new PB when you get back!!

New routes next week

Name 01/08/2016 Speed
Nick C 4.20 33:10.0 07:53.8
Mark 4.20 35:44.0 08:30.5
Charles 5.80 55:25.0 09:33.3
Greg 5.80 59:00.0 10:10.3
Gemma 5.80 55:25.0 09:33.3
Carl 4.20 36:34.0 08:42.4
Nina 2.6 28:15.0 10:51.9
Rose 2.6 28:15.0 10:51.9
Leyon 4.20 36:38.0 08:43.3
Jo & Albe 2.6 35:44.0 13:44.6





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