Running Club News 17/7/17

Monday July 17th

New routes this evening and potentially fast times for this route, with no off-roading and very few road crossings. It was very hot this evening though so nothing too fast tonight. It was more about recovery this evening. For Nina and Carl it was recovery from the weekend at Silverstone Grand Prix, living it up. For Jo, it was recovery from an injury that has kept her out for months. She did great though, finishing the 3.7miles non-stop and in a good time too. Welcome back Jo, great to see you there. Her Mum, Sue, had a great run too. Opting for the further 4.8mile route she whizzed round in nine-and-a-half minute miles. Well done!! Also running the mid-distance today were Greg, Faith, Rich and Charles. They started out in a group. Good job as Greg kept veering off course and every now and then a quick shout was required to bring him back on track. Interesting though that Greg new all the short cuts when they came up, he didn’t get lost with those. It was the downhill part of the course where Faith decided to open her stride and, even though she was suffering with a bad back picked up surfing last week, she left the group behind. She finished very strongly and in a great time too. Charles and Rich also finished well, with the former showing week and week improvement with his times.

Sharon led the ladies round the 3.7mile route this evening. She managed to push Nina round to a 10m 32s per mile average!! This was Nina’s 2nd ever fastest run with the club. Only once has she run faster and that was in April 2015!! When she managed 10m 24s on a shorter route. Well done Nina!!!

Same routes next week and a chance to improve on those times.

Name 17/07/2017 Speed
Mark 4.80 0:44:44 0:09:19
Sue 4.80 0:45:48 0:09:32
Jo F 3.70 0:36:52 0:09:58
Charles 4.80 0:46:29 0:09:41
Rich 4.80 0:45:52 0:09:33
Greg 4.80 0:47:50 0:09:58
Carl 5.60 0:43:25 0:07:45
Nina 3.70 0:38:54 0:10:31
Sharon 3.7 0:38:54 0:10:31
Faith 4.80 0:44:40 0:09:18




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